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off to see the queen p2

To wrap up the stories of my London trip, here are the remaining pictures to share. Some of you might have already seen this on my FB album. I know, it looks like I take 1 month to download, and then another 1 month to edit and upload my pictures!

It's always nice to visit a country when there's something exciting happening. Or in this case, a rare event such as the birth of the youngest Prince, and much publicised by almost all media!

If I had been there just a 1 year before, then it would have been the Olympic 2012 frenzy.

Famed for their double deckers, you can see these all over the city. While waiting for Alden to pick me up at Chinatown, I realised these were the newer models. Sleek with curved lines, these red buses look sexier than their more senior counterparts.

The other famed mode of transportation is the black cab. You'd think it's just like any other car, but once you get into it, you realise why it's famous.

Giant red lantern in the middle of Chinatown. I initially had no intention of visiting Chinatown as there is at least one of these in major cities around the world. But I guess it's a little different here and there.

We were ding-donging between Japanese, Chinese or Malaysian. No brainer actually. Almost, because Peking duck sounded quite delicious at that time.

I didn't realise how much I had missed 100+ until I found it being displayed on the shelf, and promptly ordered for one. I almost ordered teh tarik, but didn't want to end up being wide awake when I had to be at work the next day.

"Wat Tan Hor"- I must've forgotten my Malaysian dishes. I had somehow assumed this was the same as "Ying Yong", and wanted to eat that combination of deep fried bihun covered in gravied kuey teow and vege and meat.

Alden still almost looked the same. What a reunion after 7 years! OMG, has it been that long already??

We arrived in Niigata together courtesy of the Mobusho scholarship, went for Japanese lessons in Niigata University, but he left for Cambridge after 6 months.

The portion for what we ordered was quite huge. Kinda reminded me of the chippies I had just the day before. Guess British portions are similar to American. I kinda enjoyed it, and really tried my best to finish as much as I could.

Really quite ironic to be eating Malaysian food all the way in London. All because there's no Malaysian restaurant in Kobe.

When I was in California last year, my Americanised Indian colleague brought me to a Malaysian restaurant he thought was good. When I visited Amsterdam earlier this year, my Belgian friend was happy to accompany me to an Indonesian restaurant in town. And when I was in Tokyo few months ago for summer break, I caught up with some Malaysian friends, in, of all places, a Malaysian restaurant!

I have to travel very far just to get a taste of home >.<

In the end, it doesn't really matter what food it is, as long as it's good food, and good company :)