Thursday, October 29, 2015

more tou miau farm next to my balcony

It's been some time since i grew tou miau. Actually I started growing this batch to see if it would do better than the previous ones that I kept giving away. I left it for a few days and was excited to see it growing quite well in the autumn sun.

So it was with a little ache that I had to leave it, as I was summoned for a last minute business trip to Tokyo. When I got back, the water had all dried up, and the stalks had fallen to the side. It was both hilarious and sad at the same time!

I tried to put some water back into the container, since they didn't look that bad. One of my previous batches dried up completely when I was away for more than a week! Nothing to lose, I thought.

And it rewarded my optimism by soaking it up, and slowly bent upwards again towards the sun. Wow, there is hope after all! So I kept watering it, amazed at each mini progress daily. It was fun waking up to see how much better it looked.

After a few days, I decided it was time for harvesting. It didn't look like it could grow any taller, or maybe the weight was making it bend down. So I cut off and stir fried with chopped garlic and sprinkled with oyster sauce. Of course, it looked very little at the end of it!

I showed my parents these pictures, and my mum commented that they looked too skinny. Of course, they had only water to drink and no nutrition at all. I was about to let the remaining seeds grow into a 3rd batch, but realised it had probably given all that it had by then. Oh well, was a fun and edible experiment nevertheless!