Thursday, December 23, 2004

goodies for kiddies

Grace PJ donated about 200 TY beanie toys for the children in Myanmar!

Just went to collect them from this kind lady, and she asked us to take some pictures of the kids with the toys. Also told us not to sell them. Heh! They're cute and all, but I'd rather keep them for myself than to sell 'em :p

She had another box of green TY snakes, but since I wasn't sure of the cultural/religious meaning the snake might have there, had to decline her offer. Though I'm quite sure the boys might actually have preferred that to the beanie fawn or duck.

Can't wait to see the faces of the kids we'll be visiting there. Can't say I'm totally prepared for this trip though, since I don't say that for all my other trips. But the thought of spending Christmas and New Year's with them sounds like a pretty good way to end the year. :)

Wednesday, December 22, 2004

breath of heaven

I have traveled many moonless nights,
Cold and weary with a babe inside,
And I wonder what I’ve done.
Holy father you have come,
And chosen me now to carry your son.

I am waiting in a silent prayer.
I am frightened by the load I bear.
In a world as cold as stone,
Must I walk this path alone?
Be with me now.
Be with me now.

I still remember when we had our first CyberChristmas* in campus. We were an unrecognised (therefore, illegal) society in MMU. Through the grace of God, He granted us the use of the main hall for our Christmas event. There weren't many of us, probably less than 50, and we geared up for the biggest event of the CF calendar best as we could.

I was asked to play for this song, sung solo. Still very amateur in my keyboard skills, the only way to pull it off was to put my trust in Him. I still remember lugging the keyboard from the guy's hostel block to the grrl's block, and practicing blindly in the room. You see, I didn't have any scores to practice on. So imagine my glee when I managed to use my limited hearing (pitch) to get something out.

I thought I played horribly, even missed out some notes. Being the curious me, I started asking my friends at the end of the performance. Asked if I played ok, or if the sound system was up to par, and if my debut appearance as a co-emcee masked the knots I was feeling in my stomach. And one of them actually said, "You played the keyboard ah? Thought it was a recording..." What the..?! At first I was offended, then realised it must've been too dark for anyone to see the musicians. And of course, I was sporting a grin soon after that when it dawned upon me that if they thought it was a recording, I must have done quite well.

That night, I emailed everyone involved in the performance and shared with them this testimony. Also encouraged them that the unexpected full house turnout of 700 was only something that God can do. That through this experience, the campus had a chance to experience for themselves what Christmas was really about.

Fast forward 4 years, and I'm listening to this song again, but trying to put myself in Mary's shoes. It's been such a long time since I heard it. Back then, I wasn't into lyrics, but now I understood why this song is so slow and melancholic. It tells of Mary's plight as a young virgin who had her life turned upside down when an angel of the Lord revealed to her God's plan for her.

Imagine a simple girl with an otherwise uneventful life, going about her house chores and expecting her prince charming to one day sweep her off her feet. Imagine her shock when she discovers she is to bear the Son of God, who will be called the Son of the Highest. But imagine also what inner strength she has that she accepts her destiny with such confidence that she does not doubt the angel.

Although she did ask "How can this be, since I do not know a man?", she didn't doubt as Zacharias did when he was told that his wife will bear him a son. But instead, she was questioning God's method since it was biologically impossible for her to be pregnant.

The thing that struck me was her obedience. She accepted the angel's explanation that the divine would happen through the works of the Holy Spirit. She chose to believe God's unconventional methods for bringing His will to pass. And for that, she became the mother of the greatest Man ever lived.

I guess a lot of times, we doubt about God's plans for us. We question His ability to do the impossible, and miss out on great opportunities He has laid for our lives. Maybe we just need to have that child-like faith again. Full of wonder and awe in the things that He can accomplish. Trusting fully in Him, and not ever doubting that He is the great I AM.

*CyberChristmas - an annual Christmas performance in MMU Cyberjaya

Friday, December 17, 2004

music to His ears

Dear Lord,

I'm sorry I didn't play too well just now. It's been so long since I played for the main team.

All these while, it was good training ground to play for the children. But children, they don't really care whether you're playing right or wrong. I can play basic and the worship session can still go on. But playing up there with the best players, it's something different altogether.

But I just want to thank you for giving me this talent, and skill. Thank you for putting that desire in my mum to send me off for classes when I wondered what good piano lessons would do for me. It was only later that I found out she wanted me to play for You.

Thank you for going through all those horrendous exams with me, even when I didn't know if I would end up doing something with my piano education. It was You who blessed me with good results. You knew the amount of practice I do, so it was You!

Thank you for good piano teachers, none whacked my fingers like some do. Thank you also for kind neighbours who had to stand my hours of off-key songs and melodies in wrong tempo. May you bless their ears.

Now that I can play for church, I find such joy in using my skills. It's been wonderful seeing people come to worship, and that our music ushers in Your presence. Not that you needed it in the first place. You have always been there, and it's You who move our fingers and fill our voices with beautiful music.

For this, I thank You again for this indescribable joy. Something that no one can take away from me. Something that will inspire me to become a better player. Something that will draw me closer to You.

I promise to do better next time, if You so allow Your humble servant.

Ps : I know it was just practice, and we're allowed to make mistakes. But I still feel bad, though slightly better now. Thanks to J for the encouragement. :)

Thursday, December 16, 2004

writing a book?

Had a long chat with a playground mate last night. This fella goes to the playground late at night. Don't know what he's doing up at such an unimagineable hour. Anyways, we were talking about books and blogs, and he asked me if I had considered writing a book.

No one has ever asked me this question before. Nor have I even considered doing it. I can't say it's impossible, it's just that.. me, writing?

He mentioned that I have a way of describing things. So I'm more of a "words" person. So I told him that if I wrote an autobiography, I'd probably shock people with its contents. Don't think they can take it la.

But the thought of having a sensational tell-all sounds pretty tempting. Look how much Rebecc@ Loos(e) and Malaysian S@r@h Marbeck (who is also somehow related to my cousin) made when they bared their all.

Ah, the lure of money and fame. Don't think that's the stuff I want. I just want money :P

Okok, before you guys knock me on the head for being materialistic, let me clarify that I have no immediate plans to write a book. Even if I do, I'll do it for the love of writing and the joy of knowing there's someone out there reading it :D

Wednesday, December 15, 2004

snowflakes are falling on my head

I could almost touch the snow flakes.

Go catch Polar Express on the new Digi IMAX theatre where you'll be mesmerised and enchanted! Well, it was a new experience for me. Kinda disorientated at first, not used to the 3D glasses, but after awhile, it got pretty "real".

Polar Express itself is a no-brainer movie. I mean, you don't have to use your brains to figure what's going on like what I had to do for Matrix3! It's one of those holiday movies which gives you a fuzzy feeling and makes you leave the cinema feeling warm inside.

Made even warmer since I caught it with the committee. A bunch of wacky yet very loveable people. I feel like hugging you guys already :D

Oh, another christmas goodie coming your way --> the latest Christmas cd from Go support our local artistes, click to sample. :)

Monday, December 13, 2004

i wish...

.. i could dig a hole and bury myself... right now!

just found out that jeff knows my cousin. or rather, leigh knows jeff. the jeff everyone's been talking about.

this morning on the way to work, i was making a mental list of the things to update you people. stuff like my 6-hour afternoon nap, how i came to spend the whole day in church on saturday, and that i've got my christmas tree up already. you know, the usual happening stuff that i usually get myself into.

however when i came into the office, i got this 2 line email from my cousin saying he's the centre of the universe because he knows "jeff". i thought he was kidding. knowing leigh, he thinks he knows everyone related to me, well almost.

then i found the same message posted in the article where i wrote about jeff. you see, i had almost forgotten about that little crush i had over jeff's voice because it was so long ago. imagine my surprise when i saw leigh's message there as well.

and can you imagine my shock when i get this email from jeff asking if i know a certain "wong giok leigh". surprise, surprise, leigh was not joking after all.

now there's a 2-way email thingy going on between jeff and i. the world is really small after all.

now leigh, the connection is like this : jeff --> leigh --> me. so therefore, i am the centre of the universe. :p

Wednesday, December 08, 2004

my christmas gift to myself. heh!


I finally got myself a cd/MP3 player for the car. It had been a long wait. Worth the RM380 I've saved all these while. So the first thing I did was to buy a Christmas CD. One of the many reasons why I need the player.

The original cassette player died on me about 2 years ago. I can still listen to the radio with it, but decided I should spend the many hours on the road with something more substantial than just "today's hit music" and "better music, more variety - from the 80's, 90's and now".

Drove all the way to Sri Kembangan, got Bong's church friend to install it for me for a nominal fee. He even checked my car and found a loose connection near the odometer cable. I also found out what's been causing all the creaky sound when I run over a bump and holey roads. He said it's all part of the value added services. Not bad!

The next day, I got myself the WOW Christmas CD.
WOW Christmas CD
It's quite a good buy, whatwith 30 over songs from various artists. I especially like the melancholic "Christmas Time of Year" by Sixpence None the Richer and Audio Adrenaline's funky rendition of "Little Drummer Boy".

Tested the sound, and it's pretty ok so far. I find one of the better features of this player was that it had a circular dial for volume control. Better than the up and down buttons which can prove to be quite a hassle.

So I'm all in a christmassy mood, thanks to my little purchase. Speaking of which, here's a Christmas card to all you lovely readers out there. Passing it on courtesy of jasond.

Saturday, December 04, 2004

planet shakers rawked

Sure they did.

For 3 days, Planet Shakers had their first ever international conference here in Malaysia.

Even though I was "bleeding to death", I made myself go for the first night of rally so that I could report back to my cell leader about it. I really wanted the cell to try out something different, instead of the normal lessons we have on Friday nights. After some rounds of persuading and promo, I managed to get half of them to come with me :D

So anyways, I went on Wednesday, and again on Friday. Both times I can't help but be swept by the enthusiasm of the youth who were present. There were parents with small children as well. But mainly, a lot of the youth were so fired up for God.

These concerts and rallies are good. They almost always have great turnout, have their halls packed to the brim. Many of them get excited and their zeal can be seen on their faces and expressed in their words.

But sometimes, a lot of these are hype. Some of them end up idolising the singers or performers on stage. After the concert, there were lines of people waiting to have the stars sign their posters and cd's.

Probably explains why Hillsongs never encouraged signing of autographs. A friend who was formerly attending the Planet Shakers church in Melbourne told me this, and said he grew out of the hype and agreed that some just lose focus of the whole thing.

Again, nothing wrong with attending Christian concerts and getting all excited about them. I had my share of fun jumping and getting caught up in the whole experience. I just wished I was a whole lot fitter. :P

Tuesday, November 30, 2004

of clusters of fruit

Dear Lord,

As much as I feel like a zombie today, I still think yesterday was fab. I hope this lasts forever! We had excellent food and superb fellowship. Thought it was a bit warm because of the yellow lightings, but the guys insisted it was the fellowship. Or was it the topic on virility that flew in from Bangkok?

I'll have to agree with Elaine that even though most of us were handling some of the posts for the first time, we did pretty well. I'll have to give myself a pat on the back for doing something I thought I'd never do. My cousin might think this is all narcissistic, but I think it's good to reward yourself for a job well done, especially if it was a first attempt. :D

I'm trying very hard to stay awake now. Nose running, I think it's the lack of sleep. Shouldn't have washed my hair so late. Since my hair was still wet, I took the opportunity to search some verses. My guess was right, where else could the word "cluster" evoke such response from the guys. The Rev confirmed my suspicion, and Ah Chung's message sounded worried when he found out what I found out.

But, clusters?? That sounds like a lot of, you-know-what. Some of the earlier references like "two fawns" and "twins of a gazelle" sound more reasonable, don't you think? Well, that's the Song of Solomon for you ;) Descriptively poetic.

And o Lord? Please keep me awake for the rest of the day. I haven't been productive at all today!


Monday, November 29, 2004

10 things i learnt about my cell pastor

Had a Cell Host Appreciation Dinner last. Shall not bore thee with details of food. But through a quiz, I did learn some interesting stuff about my Cell Pastor :

1) Her fav pastime is NOT shopping, but spending time with her godchildren.
2) She has 4 godchildren, out of which 3 are sibilings.
3) Her favourite food is chilli crab.(I got this right because she's into seafood)
4) She dislikes eating bittergourd.
5) She's been to USA, Taiwan, Bali and India, but NOT China.
6) She spent her teenage years in the 70's.
7) She has had 1 official boyfriend before. (Only the other lady pastor knows who!)
8) Her favourite singer is Celine Dion, and not Cliff Richard as most of us thought.
9) Her shoe size I forgot, but I think it should be 5. (coz her feet doesn't look bigger than mine)
10) Her dream guy is someone tall, cute and funny.

1 cor 13

4Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud.
5It is not rude, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs.
6Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth.
7It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, always perseveres.
8Love never fails. But where there are prophecies, they will cease; where there are tongues, they will be stilled; where there is knowledge, it will pass away.

This kind of love is an act of your will, not a product of your emotions. It's based on a commitment to love.

Friday, November 26, 2004

glutton day

* lemang * rendang * curry chicken * carrot rice * nasi himpit * putu mayam * santan * gula melaka * caramel custard * double chocolate cake

above was the menu for yesterday's departmental Deeparaya celebations.

had those for breakfast, lunch and tea.

marathon of makan sessions, too sleepy for productive work :p

then off to Carcosa for book launch and food tasting of dishes featured in the book.

Carcosa looked very grand and old-world. chandeliers, dark carpets, antique piano, heavy drapes, warm lightings.

imagine holding a garden wedding* there... ;)

* some friends were discussing about "love and life partner", so couldn't help thinking of this.

Wednesday, November 24, 2004

it took me so long to learn this..

.. that the whole camp experience wasn't just about serving other people and making sure they leave the camp with good memories.

Was trying to apply the Personal Rule of Life learnt from Dr Living when I decided to just write down my thoughts in my journal. Some of my more intimate conversations with Him are revealed as I pen down the things that go through my head. Sometimes there's just too much running up there that I find it hard to focus. Journalling, as I learnt from the last i-bridge camp, helps a lot.

Basically, there's a lot of humbling lessons to be learnt, right from the planning of the camp, going through the camp itself and even until today. All I can say is, sometimes it's not just the other person, it could be yourself.

One of the half campers who insisted on giving his "excess" money to bless the committee members even shared a similar tale. Even though he didn't manage to come in time to enjoy the ice breakers or got to know everyone's names, he gave a moving testimony at the last day of camp. He shared a little bit more after I replied to his email.

Even though our experiences are different, but God managed to show us what a gracious and merciful Father He is. With all the tantrums and demands we throw at God, I'm amazed He hasn't disowned us yet! :P

Tuesday, November 23, 2004

of grrls and their dresses

We were hanging out at Sunway Pyr@mid when we passed by this boutique selling gowns and dresses. alvinK began relating his experience helping 4 girls choose their dress for prom night. He made some pretty interesting observations being the only guy in the group. Some of these lines reflect his comments :

"I'd rather die than be seen in a party where another grrl is wearing an identical dress"

"When attending a party, I make sure I don't wear the same dress as the previous party when the same person would be there"

"... and if I really really have to repeat the dress, I'll try to vary the accessories, shoes, or hairstyle... anything as long as it looks different!"

"Since Miss-Legally-Blond bought the pink pumps, I'll have to get black ones instead"

"Aiyo, Ms. Fahionista has that top too? Remind me not to wear it on the same day as her"

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On a non-related note, Christmas is but a month away.
To start off the holiday mood, enjoy this cutesy flash, thanks to alvinK.

Friday, November 19, 2004

torn on thursday

my next thursday is cramped and i'm torn on all sides.

got this invite for a book launch at carcosa seri negara (!). the terror merror* lady minister shahriz@t will be there to officate the whole thing, and we were invited to savour food which form "malaysia's culinary heritage". a chance to put on the fats and enjoy the famed ambience in the very hotel where Queen E herself stayed.

at the same time, our jr church team will be having our fortnightly meeting. i already had to excuse myself last week due to the camp planning. as much as i think some meetings are a waste of time (where people drink coffee and make a lot of noise), this type of meetings are needed. if not, the kids will wreck havoc come sunday and teachers will be in need of a spa and massage at the end of the day.

and we have an ongoing discussion to decide when to hold a post mortem for the camp. can't wait for more fellowship and food. malaysians are a gluttonny lot. i'm amazed at the amount of food we eat and the lengths we go just to find good food! anyways, i hope we come to a consensus soon. most are excited and want to contribute something for dinner. i'd lurve to have them try my specialty, but i'm wondering whether i'll have time to go home to prepare it!

oh well, the weekend is here. 4 more hours to go.

i think i shall take a nap first. they say an afternoon siesta keeps you refreshed for the rest of the day. :)

*terror merror --> very terror --> not scary, but hebat. known for her passion and determination in her capacity as minister of women, family n community development.

Wednesday, November 17, 2004

the retreat that was

Monday seemed like the shortest day of the week. It was the last day of the i-bridge retreat. It was time to say goodbye to all the campers. Most of us were picked by Elaine went up to the front to share our testimonies and how we were blessed by the sessions.

I couldn't remember much of what happened throughout the 3 days, I was busy running around. But some of the things which stuck were the sessions on work ethics, transforming the workplace through our relationship, and burn out vs. rust out.

When I signed up for the camp, I didn't indicate which group I wanted to join. My friend asked me to join him in the 1st group, because he wanted to feel "young". But if the topics were going to be the same as last year's retreat, I might as well join the older group. After all, I just touched my 3rd working year. Time to grow up and take solid stuff.

Most, I should say, the rest of my group members had many years of experience compared to me. I felt like the youngest, and was really glad they had these insights from their working life. I was so impressed by their testimonies I forgot what I wanted to share sometimes. Some had people working under them, some had to juggle many ministries that their weekends were busier than their weekdays, and a few were coming back to church to serve again.

But what was clear was that, I was not alone in this journey. Though we had different experiences after graduating, we were comforted by the fact that God is still there for us. He may seemed like so far away, not listening to our prayers or our complains. But on hindsight, He was in control. He allowed challenges to mould us, obstacles to build us, and difficulties to shape us.

When I was a teenager, I thought I'd have my life figured out when I reached 21. At a quarter of a century old, I still do not know what I want to do with the rest of my life! So when I graduated, I had all these grand plans in my head. All waiting to be materialised. Career, ministries, relationships, dreams.

After 3 years, I sorta had an idea where God was leading me. Well, I can't see the end of the journey yet. He's only lighting the path one step at a time. I still have those ambitious dreams I wanna achieve. I don't know whether I will have a chance to do all of them. I'm beginning to think that He might have something else in store for me. Something grander than what I can imagine at the moment.

Well, the retreat was really refreshing. As we shared, I felt like I was back in CF again. All these people with their struggles and weaknesses. These were real people with hopes and dreams too. I'm sure they wanted to do big things in their life. Do big things for God.

And once again, I just sit back and enjoy their stories. Knowing that God is in control. He doesn't allow things to happen just because he felt like giving sunshine to some, and rain to others. Nor is he a sadistic God who enjoys watching us suffer.

I want to believe that He brought us all together for a reason. That whatever happened in the grander scheme of things, even if I don't understand the why's and what if's, He had a reason for those as well. And for that, I'm a little comforted.

Thursday, November 11, 2004


Tonight was the last of i-bridge camp planning meetings. Can't believe we still had so many things to settle. But we had great fun. Excellent host, I must add. I officially note my heartfelt thanks for her generosity - spaghetti followed by fruits and ice-cream are stuff that you don't usually get at committee meets!

And tonight was when Hedonese decided to expose my, erm, affection for Jeff. Yes, the guy whom I'm supposed to be in love with. Whose voice I'm so enamoured with. But whose person I've never met. So far.

From now on I have to think even harder about what I post online. First of all, it were the guys I can't tell whose endeavours have gone quite unexpected, then it spreaded to all these i-bridge people! I must watch my words and make sure I behave in here. :>

No more S&M, no more Valentine stories, no more juicy gossips.

Darn, that leaves me with boring work updates, no one to complain about and worse of all, I have to behave like I'm in church!


Wednesday, November 10, 2004

ibridge camp


another long weekend.

can't believe the week is ending already.

looking forward to sun, sand and sea this raya break.

jasond says it's going to be a playground for me. where i will choose my victims. i want to pretend i do not understand what that means. well, i don't have to, because i really don't.

all this rain and no sun makes me a dull girl. some warmth at last.

red swimsuit, you shall see the light of day at long last!

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

accidentally in love

It must be the lovey-dovey season. Lots of weddings going on, especially these last few months. I find myself grinning silly at love songs playing on the radio. My custom mesg on YM gives people the (wrong) impression that I'm in love. Guys message me and ask who I'm "accidentally in love" with. I type back "you" and they either play along or laugh it off. But I eventually tell them it's a line from Counting Crows' song. Liked the catchy tune immediately when I first heard it on Shrek2.

One of my grrlfriends shocked me with a recent news during her birthday. During an intimate rendezvous with her dahling, he produced a ring and "proposed" to her. Well, I don't know the exact words which amount to a proper proposal, but I guess if a guy were to ask a girl if she would spend the rest of her life with him, it's considered a proposal, right?

Anyways, she's naturally delighted with the proposition. But he'll have to wait for 2 years. Before she can really really say yes. Gives them time to know each other better. After all, if they're really right for each other, it's worth the wait.

We had some apprehensions when she first told us about this guy. Been together for almost a year now, I'm happy for her. But something about his past and the way he came back to her made it not so right. Most of us had never met him before, so we're taken aback that he's already proposed to her. I felt as if I needed to "approve" of him first.

I don't mean to be possessive, but we go a long way back. She knows the guys who's after me, counselled them (read : leak bits of info about me) and even helped orchestrate some of their stunts. This doesn't always amuse me, but that's what girlfriends are for. So since this is the first guy she's serious about, I want to share that joy with her as well.

As for me, I'll enjoy jeff's voice the love songs for now.

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

his name is jeff

I must be crazy. I'm falling in love with a voice whose owner I've never met.

I never expected someone like him to be working in the IT dept. Most of them are Chinese-ed, and so, have a different mindset and speak, well, differently. No offence to Chinese-ed techie guys out there, I admire the fact that they're pretty smart and have the brains to do what they're doing now.

I usually talk to NW, this grrl from IT who has been working with me on many projects. But after she resigned, I had to deal with some of the newer guys. One of them was Jeffrey, doing support.

He was involved with documentation before assigned to his current role. That explains his impeccable English. I was actually quite taken aback when I first spoke to him. His voice is just so manly. Deep and sexy. Coupled with a good command of English, I wondered to myself, "What's he doing in the IT dept??"

For all I know, I could've bumped into him anywhere in the building, but didn't know it was him I spoke to. But it doesn't really matter. It's just enough to hear his voice on the phone. It can melt any grrl's heart. Chocolate will even melt, I think.

Not only does he sound so calm and collected, but his emails are also very PR-ish. Most of the time, emails that come from that dept will have contents like "Leased-line down. Cannot surf internet." and "Leased-line up. Can surf now." But Jeff (yes, he signs off as Jeff after I reply his email) writes in complete paragraphs and in such a nice sounding way ("I hope I'm not stepping on any toes when I suggest that...", etc) that I don't mind being inconvenienced by whatever's down that time. (And I'm tempted to write back "Baby, you can step on mine anytime", then realise, what has gotten into me?!)

I have half a mind to sabotage my login id so that I will have an excuse to hear Jeff's chocolate-melting voice! Heh.

Friday, October 29, 2004

busy bee's week

busy bee in need of a break. busy bee running around with chores. busy bee might collapse anytime this week!

- games for children church
- updates for i-bridge camp's finances
- music practice
- website presentation to chairman
- appreciation gift for annual dinner committee
- buka puasa and birthday party for CEO
- lessons for cell group

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

for all You've done

For All You've Done
By the way again, Hillsongs' latest album is out. "For All You've Done" is relatively mild compared to some other earlier ones. A lot of piano and strings. A refreshing change from the usual drums and bass. Even the album cover with the image of a chandelier and flouncy fonts somehow depict the difference in the songs. But one thing remains as in most others - Darlene in a worshipping pose :)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

4 doses of calvin

After some heavy brain activity revolving mathematical equations, i think some light-hearted comics are in order :)

rub it in

genius like me

plain calvin

boy of destiny

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

birthday paradox

The birthday paradox states that if there are 23 people in a room then there is a slightly more than 50/50 chance that at least two of them will have the same birthday. For 60 or more people, the probability is greater than 99%.

Read more to find out how this probability is mathematically possible. In our floor, taking into account 3 main departments, there are at least 33 people altogether. Already, I share the same birthday as one of my colleagues. So there is living proof that this probability is possible.

But, as the article mentions, if you step into a room of 22 people, the chance that someone else shares the same birthday as you is much lower. Out of the 23 people, there are 253 pairs, of which each is a possible birthday match. But if you are looking to share the same birthday as someone in the room, then there are only 22 possible pairs to consider. I have yet to fully comprehend the calculations stated there, tis been years since I touched statistics and probability!

*thanks to kiwlm for the article*

Monday, October 18, 2004

3 sentences

I've got my groove back.

I'm now back in business.

If I wasn't brought up with values and principles, I'd be a Samantha.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

self torture

I am a sadist. I torture myself sometimes. Don't know why I do that to myself. Maybe it's the pleasure I derive from it. It's like S&M. The more painful, the more pleasurable. I don't know, I've never personally tried it, but I can imagine.

Here I am, having my lunch. Hot and spicy Indian food. Fried bitter gourd, quail eggs in chili sauce, curried mushroom and potatoes, and the must-have rasem soup. My nose is beginning to run and I can feel my face blushing. It's really a delicious meal, but I find it so difficult to eat without downing lots of iced water. And I continue torturing myself with the nice food, and resting once in awhile to gasp for air.

Oh, why do I torture myself so?

Friday, October 08, 2004

i always thought...

... i was special, different from most people. One in a million. Heh.

John introduced me to this personality test which seems to describe him more accurately compared to other tests available out there.

Tired of being categorised under "expected" results, I decided to go through the short series of questions. Here, is my brain usage profile :
Auditory : 47%
Visual : 52%
Left : 52%
Right : 47%

Not bad. I'm really quite balanced in both sides of the brain. Also in the way I process information. Reading further on...
sarah, you are one of those rare individuals who are perfectly "balanced" in both your hemispheric tendencies and your sensory learning preferences. However, there is both good news and bad news.


A problem with hemispheric balance is that you will tend to feel more conflict than someone who has a clearly established dominance. At times the conflict will be between what you feel and what you think but will also involve how you attack problems and how you perceive information. Details which will seem important to the right hemis- phere will be discounted by the left and vice versa, which can present a hindrance to learning efficiently.

So desuka.

In the same vein, you may have a problem with organization. You might organize your time and/or space only to feel the need to reorganize five to ten weeks later.

On the positive side, you bring resources to problem-solving that others may not have. You can perceive the "big picture" and the essential details simultaneously and maintain the cognitive perspective required. You possess sufficient verbal skills to translate your intuition into a form which can be understood by others while still being able to access ideas and concepts which do not lend themselves to language.

I always knew I was a class above the rest *ahem*

Your balanced nature might lead you to second-guess yourself in artistic endeavors, losing some of the fluidity, spontaneity and creativity that otherwise would be yours.

No wonder I couldn't excel properly in the arts.

With your balanced sensory styles, you process data alternately, at times visually and other times auditorially. This usage of separate memories may cause you to require more time to integrate information or re-access it. When presented with situations which force purely visual or purely auditory learning, increased anxiety is likely and your learning efficiency will decrease.

Slow? I'm actually processing information veeeery thoroughly.

Your greatest benefit is that you can succeed in multiple fields due to the great plasticity and flexibility you possess.

Ah, this is the best line that describes me. With my high levels of adaptivity, the world is my siham*!


Thursday, October 07, 2004

from europe with love

The past 1 and half weeks, I was home alone. Quite. Parents were in Europe for a short break.

Dad was scheduled for a working trip to Amsterdam, Milan, and Venice. At first I wanted to tag along, since I missed following him to UK the year before. This time, we persuaded mum to follow him on the trip. After all, the last time they went to Europe together was more than 20 years ago. It was in Amsterdam that they had their "2nd honeymoon". I'm sure it would be good for memories' sake that they revisit the place.

Had it not been for the short notice, I'd have jumped on the plane with them too. In the end, mum got her leave approved and tickets confirmed just 2 days before the scheduled flight. After all the hoo-ha with the winter clothing, exchange of cash, passport, and extra camera, we bade them goodbye as they were driven off to the airport Saturday night.

For my brother, it was bliss. Freedom, no mummy to nag him. For me, I had to pick up after him. His clothes, his dishes left on the sink, his loose change on the table, his... whatever. I found myself praying for a domesticated hubby-to-be.

I didn't realise there was so much housework to do when one has to do all of them by oneself. So I spaced them out across the week. One day to do the laundry, another day to mop the floor, another to throw the trash. And along with these, make sure all appliances are switched off, all locks are where they're supposed to be at the end of the day. I guess the workload is multiplied when one stays in a double storey house, and further doubled when dearest brother is nowhere to be seen.

Mum called a couple of times, albeit with some initial difficulty. Couldn't get through us at the house phone, and the Euro phones have foreign sounding instructions. I assured her everything was alright, we were still alive and well, and not to worry about the house. Just enjoy themselves and not to think too much about souvenirs. I'm aware of the exchange rate and the glitziness of the places they're at.

Heck, I was almost dying with envy when I heard dad was going to Milan. The fashion city. What if summer sales was ending, it's still fashion city! Designer bags and clothes are at a fraction of a price, some not even found in boutiques back in the country. Even if I don't end up buying any of the overpriced goods, I'm sure it would be an quite experience just to be in the midst of a bustling fashion city.

Mum came back yesterday with tales of her holiday. I'm glad she enjoyed herself. She managed to buy loads of chocolates and some goodies for me. Belated birthday gifts, she said. Nevermind that. I'm just so happy and touched she had time to buy me some nice stuff. I don't really mind if I don't get gifts from my family. We're not really into birthdays and such. Never really made a big fuss, so once in awhile when we do, it is considered big.

When I left for work this morning, and the rest of the family happily snoring away in dreamland, the bagful of goodies were still on the table. The night before, my dad was teasing that my mum brought me the whole of Europe - the postcards, pamphlets, brochures and hotel goodies. He's a minimal traveller, and doesn't bring back unnecessary stuff that touristy people usually do. So I told him that since I didn't get to go, mum wanted to share a bit of her holiday with me. Knowing how much I love to travel, those were good enough for me.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

oh, woe is me!

I'm getting boring. I have nothing interesting to report anymore.
I think it's the writer's block thingy.
Help! Gimme something to write about :P

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the other hand, I got this pretty amusing animation in my mailbox yesterday. Got the flash file years back, and found the icons highly electrifying, whatwith their light sabres, zappers, lasers and force field weapons lashing out at each other.

Thursday, September 23, 2004

the marriage proposal

Younger guys have expressed their, ahem, interests in, ahem, me before but not this young. He was the ringbearer at last Saturday's wedding. And I had the honour of being my friend's bridesmaid.

At first, he was like any typical pre-school boy. Standing in all sorts of poses, he was trying to imitate one of the Power Rangers. He even asked me which colour Power Ranger I was. I don't really fancy those robot-like superheroes, so frankly I wasn't too interested in playing with him. But Alex told me to warm up to the kids, so that they would listen to instructions better. Wanted them to walk together in harmony and turn when the couple turn to face the officiating pastor. So I had to entertain him, that little guy in front of me.

Then suddenly, don't-know-how don't-know-why, he turned to me and said "I love you". So the polite thing to do would be to say "Thank you", which I did. I was of course a little startled at first, but tried not to look too shocked. He did it again for a few more times, and it was quite cute at first. Even the relatives were amused. My friends were laughing, and teased me about it.

Later, he expanded his declaration of love to "I want to love you. I want to kiss you. I want to marry you". Gasp! What is this I'm hearing from a 6 year old kid?? Where does he learn these kinda stuff?

It was getting rather annoying when he continued coming up to me, even in the middle of the bridal rehearsal, and repeated those phrases. Later I asked him where he learnt them from. Found out it was from the idiot box. And that his parents let him sleep at 12 midnight! My goodness, what shows is he watching late at night? Sex and the City?? Surely it's not Kim Possible or Johnny Bravo.

I had to think of a way to "break" his heart. So I told him I already had a boyfriend. He didn't believe it, so I pointed to my guy friend who was handling the AV that time. This kid actually ran up to my friend and asked him if he was really my boyfriend. Then he came back to me and said "Don't love him.. I want to love you", looking rather frustrated and disappointed at the same time.

Then the pastor stepped in when she noticed he was not giving up. She told him she would officiate his marriage if he's willing to wait another 20 years for me! Think Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher :P

I thought it was over that day when the rehearsals ended.
But in real life, things are never what you expect them to be.

The next morning, I arrived at the hotel early, ready to be dolled up by the makeup artist. Serena and I looked really pretty in our white dresses. Naturally she looked grander since she was the bride. I was so happy for her, and couldn't wait for the moment when Alex would come and pick her up.

When Alex finally came, the bridal entourage were ready with their "torture concoctions". Typical of Chinese weddings where the bride's "sisters" would challenge the groom-to-be (and his "brothers") to certain stunts or dares before they would allow him to approach the bride. Alex and his "brother" managed to swallow slices of bitter gourd, pieces of chilli padi, and gulp down lime juice.

Then came the tea ceremony for the bride's side of the family. I was standing near them in case the bride accidently steps on her bridal train. My little admirer just had to stand next to me, even though there wasn't much space to manoeuvre around in the hotel room. And he had to proclaim his love in those famous 3 phrases, much to everyone's amusement. At this point, I just wished I had a hole to hide myself. But I maintained my composure and thanked him again.

I thought that kid would have slept over the thought that he loved me and would have forgotten all about it the next morning. But nooooo, he's still "in love" with me.

While at the church during the wedding ceremony, he kept walking over to profess his undying love. Even while the pastor was officiating the ceremony. Even while the another pastor was giving the sermon. Even after many hushes from his mother.

Later, it was time for photos at the patio. Mostly it was with the family members. This kid tried to pull me in there with the rest of his uncles and aunties and long lost relatives. Managed to run away after that. Not literally, but I had to pull myself away from him. So off I went back into the church, my CG members were there taking down the decorations. And yes, you guessed it, the kid managed to find me there amidst the laces and ribbons, and people.

Some of my CG friends had to reprimand him for being so... annoying. I think he got frightened of them and finally let go of my hand. Thank God for kind and understanding friends who are there when you need them!

As you will again guess, it did not stop there. He was also there during the dinner. I think his mother might have said something like "So you got yourself a girlfriend, you don't want me anymore". 'Cause he came up to my table, and promised that it would be the last time he said "I want to love you." (Yes, it's "I want to love you" and not "I love you")

I was pretty relieved, because that meant I was able to enjoy the rest of the evening undisturbed. Or that's what I thought. Later, his cousins teased him about it (Now that I think of it, they could've been the ones instigating this whole thing!) and that kinda inspired him to continue to "want to love" me more. He plucked a stalk of rose out of somewhere and gave it to me. One, then another. Then somemore.
Then a whole bouquet. I quickly got him to return it to the hotel.

And at the end of the evening, he even offered his hand to lead me to his car, offering to drive me back home!

When I told this to my guy friend, he said he also kalah to this kid. He was impressed by how good this kid was. I am still flabbergasted at where he learnt his tricks. The first few times is cute, but 100 times later, it's rather suffocating.

But, another friend puts it, if he was 20 years older, I'd be floating on Cloud Nine already!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

He's got the whole world in His hands

While posting Leona's review on the Ad Deum performance, that song kept playing in my head. The way the funny guy taught us to hum, whistle, clap and stomp our feet to the tune was a rather creative way reminding us how everything else seems so small when we put them in His hands. How our problems are nothing compared to all the problems He has to shoulder for us. How minor the irritants in life actually become when there's a Big Guy up there looking over us. There's one kewl video clip which centres around this theme.

Monday, September 20, 2004

ad deum

Was mesmerised by the dancers from Ad Deum with their lithe and graceful movements. Read below for a friend's review of the show. Little did I realise that by posting up on YM offers for 2 free tickets, I'd be blessing someone, and her friend :)

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Ad Deum Dance Perfomance 2004.
A biblical worldview of the arts

Blessed and blessed indeed.

God really does bless us. But not always in the ways we want I suppose. Wanted badly to attend this dance concert that was being held in GTPJ and Lightbulb was supposed to go on Friday. But I was working morning shift and the show started at 8.30pm. Was contemplating on going on Thursday instead but couldn't think of who to ask to go with me and how I would get my transportation! So resigned to the fact that I'll just have to hear about it.

Then on Thursday afternoon I saw a friend's status that said she had two complimentary tickets for the dance that night! So I messaged her and got the tickets. Hurray! Plus my wonderful housemate agreed to come along to drive me there. Wheeeeeee... I was elated! A chance to go to the dance performance for free. And on top of that, I got to sit 3rd row from the front. *BLISS*

Finding the place was easy enough though we were 15 minutes late. The first thing that struck us was the car park. We parked on top and walked down...and were dumbfounded by the vastness of the carpark! Heh. Chun. The main sanctuary was no less mesmerizing. It could fit about 2800 people comfortably. Nice...

Missed the first half of the first piece.Out of Egypt. Or something like that. Didn't quite catch the title. This piece was about the captives in Egypt. The choreograper, Randy is the founder of the dance company and also an accomplished ballet teacher. His moves were mostly ballet moves but creatively different and more expressive with hints of acting.

The second story, Ana's hope was about a woman whose husband was caught during some war or something or other. And while other women in the village just went about their daily lives ignoring the pain and grief, Ana held on to her hope, her God. The costumes were dreamy-like and flowy. Suited the mood.

There was a short intermission before the third piece which was a comedy ballet. Is anybody out there? The songs were from Burlap to Cashmere and it was fast paced and super funny! Twas a 3-person piece. Basically potraying people finding the way to the Light in a comedic way. And the guy...he brought the house down with his amusing antics! He got the audience to sing "He's got the whole world in His hands"...whistle the tune...and hum the tune. The look on his face itself was enough to make you cry tears of laughter. This was by far my favorite!

The last dance, The Saviour was a more serious piece. The first scene was a duet that potrayed Adam and Eve. Then the "serpent" came in a form of 3 girls dressed in cat-women-like costumes with masks. Lovely! Then it went on to speak about when the kings of the earth rulled without the fear of God. How the Isarealites asked God for a saviour, when Jesus came down and His crucifixion.

So much more that can't be put into words. Simply wonderful. Inspired me more to pursue performing arts when I graduate...if I graduate...later! Thank you Sarah and Kae Ee...for making my day!

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

of white dresses and intimate wear

1 week left to Serena's wedding. And it slowly dawned on me that the bridesmaid has a few things to settle. And I thought only the bride has a long to-do list.

Bought a simple but sweet looking white dress more than 1 month ago. It was the only one I could find. The rest were either way off budget or too big for me. Since I was the bridesmaid, Serena said I could either rent one from the bridal studio, buy it from a boutique or tailor make one myself.

After enquiring about the prices, we realised that at the same price, it's better to buy a dress rather than rent one. So I decided to shop for a decent looking one which I could wear next time. Nothing came up after searching in various shopping malls.

Well, I saw a few which were really lovely, but they were too expensive. At that point, I did think of going to a tailor to make one. The thought of having to source for the cloth and materials myself seemed rather troublesome. So I settled for one which was reasonably priced and it had my size! I grabbed the opportunity and bought it the same week itself. I had to convince myself that there weren't many nice white dresses out there, and if I didn't get it then, I might not see it again.

Everything was going well, until I realised that it wasn't just the dress I had to get. There were also shoes, matching accessories, make up and hair to go with it, nice decent lingerie (coz the material was rather sheer :P) and also a shawl to cover the shoulders. After all, this was going to a be a church wedding. Can't stumble the brothers haha....

You know, having yahoo messenger really works wonders for me. And connection with a lot of people. In a week, 4 people volunteered to lend their shawls to me. Now they are sitting in paperbags in my room. I have another one coming in this week. Some weren't very suitable for the dress, some had patterns on it, and there was one which looked like it had gone through a rough tumble in the washing machine. I hope the 5th one (which was worn by another former bridesmaid) will look just right on the dress!

And don't even mention the lingerie. I realised with normal undies, one could actually make out the VPL. So off I went shopping for a slip. But to my dismay, not many lingerie brands have simple ones. I saw lots of lacy ones though. I was advised by a friend to go for a white lacey g-string(!) She said it would look sexy and sweet at the same time. I would have agreed (coz I saw some nice ones in Dorothy Perkins) if not for the fact that it would be held in a church :P

To solve my problem, I got some nice "intimate wear", which I can't disclose here, for some guys have overactive imagination haha. But for those who've noticed my custom mesg over yahoo, they'd know wat I'm talking about :P I've tried one of it and from the shape it looks painfully uncomfortable. I guess, it just needs some getting used to. I think I shall have to practice wearing it so that I won't be seen adjusting on the big day itself!

Monday, September 13, 2004

npe woes

Traffic in Subang has reached an all-time high. Work on the 2nd phase of NPE (New Pantai Expressway) is in full swing. For some months now, they have been cutting down the nice shady trees lining the main roads. After that, it was the bunch of trees huddled together in green corners. Later, the smaller shrubs got chopped off as well.

When I first moved in to Subang, I very much liked the idea that it was a green residential area. Lots of trees along the roads, flowering plants in strategic areas and carefully manicured leafy ones all over the suburb. It actually is a nice place to stay, even if it meant being further from the office. I would look forward to the drive home, because the greens made the traffic more bearable.

Now, I see all these living things disappearing one by one. All within weeks. I didn't know they were that serious about the NPE. I mean, I see the big signboard there stating that they would extend the highway from the Sunway area to Subang, but for the first 2 years when I was there, no work was being done yet. I was quietly hoping that somehow someone would protest and it would not get the green light.

After all, there is no guarantee that this would solve the Subang traffic woes. When the first phase of NPE was completed, traffic was diverted from Federal Highway, making driving more bearable. Some people were willing to pay the double RM1.60 toll to shave off the 30 mins it takes to travel from Subang to KL. For people like me who do not get travel allowances, I can only afford to take the NPE on Fridays. Seems that people only go home on Fridays, coz on other weekdays, traffic ain't so bad!

And you know what I heard? This 2nd phase of the NPE, which is creating havoc and nightmare for Subang residents (especially those coming from USJ), will stretch on till 2006! I cannot imagine going through this everyday for another 2 years. But I can imagine a certain minister laughing his way to the bank. RM3.20 for the luxury of reaching KL in 10 minutes. Multiply that with the number of cars passing through this highway per day. I think I shall have to start finding a job which is nearer to home, or consider telecommuting :P

Monday, September 06, 2004

7 ten kiu

Thank God for happ'nin weekends
For making them something to look forward to
For exciting things at the end of the week

Thank God for the CF reunion
For friends who are still as wacky as ever
For those who have changed for the better

Thank God for ST's new baby
For the bundle of joy You have blessed them with
For the mummy and baby's good health

Thank God for arty fartyness
For creative people and their colorful world
For making the world not just black and white

Thank God for birthdays
For giving us another day to live for You
For blessing us abundantly

Thank God for farewells
For teaching us how to appreciate friends
For giving us new friends as well

Thank God for new teachers in Jr Church
For the extra help much needed
For their zeal in ministry

Thank God for Mondays
For a new week to start all over again
For the work I left on Friday only to see it again today!

Thursday, September 02, 2004

3 trips

Oh dear, I have 3 invitations to go overseas :

1) Backpacking and roughing it out in Bangkok-Chiang Rai-Chiang Mai, during Deepavali-Raya break. Adventure trip includes train rides, budget airflight, various hotel stays, Chao Phraya River cruise, shopping in local markets, and perhaps the Loy Krathong Festival.

2) Missions trip with church team to the Philippines, middle of October. Plans to follow up on last year's trip, visit villages and churches in the mountain area in the island of Mindanao. Might include "Soles for Souls" project for the poor children with no shoes.

3) Reunion cum missions cum sightseeing with x-MMUCFers to Myanmar, after Christmas. Itinerary not confirmed, but most likely handling children/youth's programme. Most planning done by missions agency, original plan includes Cambodia and Vietnam as well.

My leaves are not as limited as some, but my boss has this strange (though practical) ruling that we're not supposed to take long leaves when it's not "our festival". If money wasn't an issue, I'd have enough leaves to go for all THREE trips! But I just came back from Bali not too long ago, and I can't be seen holidaying so often, you know :>

Monday, August 30, 2004

sweet wrapper

My colleague brought some chewy mints to the office. The wrapper doesn't look local, but seem quite familiar, like I've seen them somewhere before. Each is unique, and that's why I think they look cute enough to be posted here :

Sweet wrapper 1

Sweet wrapper 2

Friday, August 27, 2004

josiah ng

Josiah Ng

He's our national hero. Nevermind that he didn't win any medals, he's the only one who has gotten so far in the race. Did you see his determination in the keirin finals? He was almost there, but because of very stiff competition, he lost only by mere miliseconds.

Don't like the commentator though. He was so biased and kept saying that the other cyclist who fell down was "inconvenienced by the Malaysian". Baloney! Nevermind the commentator. :P

This kid's got great potential. Wait till he grows up abit, he's gonna make an impact in future international competitions :) You have my support, Josiah!

all my hard work...

Tis been a busy week. Was never rushed into being so creative before! Along with the final finetuning for the earlier website, my immediate boss requested for the designs for our coming Annual Dinner to be ready. The first and last meeting was months ago, and she expected us to have worked on it between then and now. Apparently, the chairman of the committee had decided on the theme and without a second meeting and official notification, we were supposed to know about it.

Dear xxx,
For your information, we were not aware that the theme for the dinner has been decided. It is impossible to to show you something today.

Well, that was what I wanted to write, but being the polite and courteous person I always try to be (hah), I re-phrased it : "We're sorry that we won't be able to give you the designs today. If you could give us some time, we will show you some designs for your consideration, before the end of the week" (or something like that).

That did the trick. She replied and gave us an extra week to work on it. *Whew! Thank you, God!*

After finalising my website, I managed to find some time to work on the invitation card, backdrop and entrance design. For the past few days, my collegue and I stayed back to finish up the work. We had tonnes of ideas flowing in from everyone in the department, but resources were lacking. After going through various image banks to search for the right images to portray the theme, we finally managed to complete the designs last night. Everyone else had left. Lights in the other half of the department were switched off, the window which reflected the greenery outside in the daytime had already turned into a mirror because it was so dark outside. Plus, there is a cemetery next to our building. Not many people like the idea of staying back to work.

So you can imagine our relief when we completed everything required, and with hungwy tummies, we walked out of the office together. It sure was eerie when the office was so quiet. But anyways, I arrived in the office this morning feeling rather satisfied with the amount of work we put in, in such a short notice. And you can imagine again the look on my face when I discovered that my A.M. announced that my boss would not be coming in! *_*

Thursday, August 19, 2004

cow's tongue

Was having a Korean bbq dinner at Sri Hartamas with some friends when I tried, probably for the first time, cow's tongue.

When in raw form, it looks like something that Fear Factors participants have to chew in their bid to gain fame and fortune.

But after putting it on the grill and watching it turn from pink to burnt brownish red, it didn't look so inedible anymore. Looks like any common barbequed meat waiting to be consumed.

My friend promptly put 1 piece on my place and proceeded to eat hers. I watched as she enjoyed her bbq-ed meat. She sure wasn't squirming as if trying to eat fried grasshoppers or goat's eyeball.

So with much trepidation, I picked up the grilled tongue with the silver chopsticks and looked at it for awhile. Here goes nothing. It's just a piece of meat. I'm putting it in my mouth now. It's cooked, for goodness' sake!. I'm feeling it already. Can you taste that? Hey, it ain't so bad. It tastes just like bacon! There you go, delicious, wasn't it?

Uh huh. It sure does. And as I felt the juiciness of the meat in my mouth, I went ahead and took a few more pieces of those tongues. Those Koreans sure know how to marinate their meat. It had the right amount of spiciness and sweetness. I can't remember the name of this quaint restaurant but it sounded something like "Han Gook Chon". If you ever drop by there and help yourself to some cow's tongue, please tell me the right spelling, will ya? :)

Friday, August 13, 2004

house of flying daggers

Since I did a food review the other day, I'll have a go at a movie review this time.

Will summarise in these few words : Puisi dalam pergerakan. But since I have not been really using the national language since graduating from secondary school, I shall refrain from doing injustices to it :D

Anyways, it was a sight for the senses, namely sight and hearing. Gorgeous sceneries, with emphasis on colours in each scene. Excellent choreography, you wish you learnt ballet too. Such graceful movements. Such fluidity.

Very arty lar, just don't think too much about logic and how people can extend their death over a season. Oops, better not reveal too much. Happy weekend, people!

Wednesday, August 11, 2004

separuh kembang

Come to think of it, how do I get those brilliant compliments to the ears of those can give me a good increment come appraisal time?

These CEO's and their staff give good comments about my work. But they're not the ones paying my salary. It's flattering, none the less. But not very useful, coz my direct supervisor doesn't know what good work I do! :(

I can't go to her and say, "Hey, Mr. So-and-so said he liked the website!" nor can I forward their thank-you-email and attach a note which says "Read this? Think you better do something about my appraisal."

I could imagine they pass on the compliments to my supervisor but my boss has not said anything about it. If they did, I'd be getting rave reviews in my appraisal forms!

Tuesday, August 10, 2004

the 100th post!

Wow, I've reached my 100th!
To commemorate this achievement *ahem*, I will post up something really nice :)

* * * * * * * * *
The definition of told by children 4-8 years old!

Love is...When someone hurts you... even when you hurt don’t cry because you know it will hurt the person who has hurt you!
MATHEW – 6 years old

Love is...When my Granny had athritis, and couldn’t paint her Granpa did it for her, even though he had athritis too...
REBECCA – 8 years old

Love is... When a girl uses perfume and a boy uses after shave...and they go out together...and smell one another
KARL – 5 years old

Love is... When you know that your older sister loves you...because she gives you all her old clothes...and has to go out and buy new!
LAUREN – 4 years old

Love is...When an old lady and an old man...are still good friends even though they’ve known one another for a long time
TOMMY – 6 years old

Love is... When someone loves you...the way they say your name... It’s different!
BILLY – 4 years old (beautiful!)

Love is... When you go out and offer your potato chips to someone, without waiting for the other person to offer you his!
CHRISSY - 6 years old

Love is...what is with us at Christmas...when you stop unwrapping your presents...and you listen to him!
BOBBY - 5 years old

Love is... If you want to learn to love better...start with a friend you don’t like!
NIKKA - 6 years old

Love is...When you tell someone...something bad about yourself...and you are scared that, that person won’t love you because of what you said...then that person surprises you by loving you even more!
SAMANTHA – 7 years old
(Note the deepness in this expression)

Love is... There are 2 kinds of love...Our love and the love of GOD...The love of GOD joins both!
JENNY - 4 years old

Love is...When Mommy sees Daddy all swetty and dirty...but still tells are still more handsome then ROBERT REDFORD
CHRIS – 8 years old

Love is...When you tell a boy that his wearing a beautiful shirt...even though he wears the same one everyday!
NOELLE – 7 years old

Love is...Never say I LOVE YOU only when we feel like it...and if we feel it...then say it more often...people forget to say I LOVE YOU!
JESSICA – 8 years old

Love is...To say NO!
PATTY – 8 years old

Love is...When your pet dog licks your face...even though you have left it all alone the whole day!
MARY ANN – 4 years old

Love is... When you love someone...your eyes roll up and down...and little stars shine from them!
KAREN – 7 years old

Love is...GOD could have said magic words to be released from the nails on the cross...but HE didn’t...That is LOVE!
MAX – 5 years old
(For sure the best definition of love I have ever heard)

Monday, August 09, 2004

a try at food review

Written last Thursday, but managed to only post it up today due to login problems :

* * * * * * * * * * *

Was talking to insight when he suggested that I do a food review. I've always been a food person, trying out new eateries and all sorts of food, but never really thought of reviewing food. Most of the times, I'm just there once or twice coz there's always some place new open for tasting!

Anyways, my grrlfrens and I were having a little belated birthday gathering and decided to try out FastaPasta. Originating from Down Under, they have just opened their first restaurant in Ikano.

Pictures from Fasta Pasta's website

Warm lightings, giant picturess on the walls, inviting ambience. Kinda reminded me of SanFranciscoSteakhouse. So therefore, my expectations went up. I was looking forward to great food to go with even greater company.

But alas, there were not enough tables in the restaurant to fit all 8 of us. It was really nicer to be seated inside with the dim lightings and with the smells of freshly made pasta wafting over. So we had to settle for the longer tables outside instead. There goes my nice ambience.

Fasta Pasta has this concept where they give you a piece of paper with the list of food and a pencil for you to tick the dishes you want. Once you're done, you bring the list over to the counter where you pay for the food and wait for them to serve you. Pretty effective, I'd say. That way, you can take your time to choose while the staff busy themselves with other more important tasks. Rather than wait for fussy customers to decide (and re-decide) over which sauce to go with their spirali, they do not need to pretend to smile and look un-exasperated anymore. They can be in the kitchen making the spirali or stirring the tomato sauce.

I decided to try their fettuccine carbonara (one of my personal favourites). The best I've tasted was at SOULedOutCafe and I've been trying various versions in other restaurants. Fasta Pasta, it must be noted, serves rather large portions. Australian-sized, to be exact. Moreover, the creamy sauce makes it rather filling after awhile. Needless to say, I did not finish my fettucine!

The rest of us tried other dishes, pasta to be exact, and refrained from the usual steaks and chops. I must say one of the better ones were Ravioli di Ricotta Tre Colori. First time seeing pasta stuffed with ricotta cheese. The fusion of creamy white sauce and tomato sauce only made it a delightful treat.

Overall, not bad a concept, considering there are countless other Italian restaurants in Klang Valley serving similar dishes. It stands out because their pasta is freshly made, everyday. Portions are generous, plus they offer uncommon pasta such as rotelle, cappelletti and ravioli.

Friday, July 30, 2004

and so, the week is coming to an end...

Feeling really relieved that the week is finally coming to an end.

CEO of one subsidiary company dumped a rush job last week. Wanted to do a revamp of their website, time given 3 weeks. That's crazy, I thought. My usual is 3 months, depending on amendments, bugging and testing. So anyhows, I took up the challenge. Nothing pending at the moment mar. Want to show I'm superwoman :P

Lo and behold, all sorta obstacles came in throughout the past week. Computer networks and internet connection were unreliable, to say the least. Everyone was frustrated. All our work was on the PC. No network, no MS office, no connection to software, no work can be done. So there I was, stuck. Opening programmes took forever. Internet was up one minute, down the next 2 hours.

This was crazy. No way I could finish up a decent mock for CEO within a week, let alone with all these disruptions. So I did the only thing I could do - pray. Pray like crazy lor. And hope for the best :D

Internet was up again for awhile, scrambled to do the necessary changes before it went kaput. Emailed CEO to tell him that I won't be doing major revamp. Will maintain the layout as the original website, but cosmetic changes will be done to top and bottom bars, main banner and colour scheme. That itself is considered a feat, since I'm quite particular about how the whole layout will appear.

People who think websites are easy to do are, well, quite right to a certain extent. Anyone can create a website, but not all websites are user-friendly, adhere to best practices, easily navigable and do not require users to have a steep learning curve.

But, I digress. I can go on and on about how to make a good website, share with you tips on what best makes a corporate website tick and attract users and clients....

Anyways, with all the frustrations and obstacles throughout the last and this week, I managed to come up with something decent. So "decent" I was prepared to apologise to CEO and blame it on the terrible network and unreliable net connection.

So there I went, showing off the "decent" website and explaining to him how I changed the look of the website. Much like how a make up artists explains to the a mak datin how the latest eyeshadow will make her eyes look bigger, and the newest lipstick in the market will make her lips so pouty men want to kiss her. So explained I did, trying to make it sound like I did a lot of work despited the inconveniences. Which still was a lot mar.

"Good! Excellent! I like this!" exclaimed CEO.

I myself was shocked. I turned to see his face and saw that he was truly happy and satisfied with my "decent" work. So it wasn't so "decent" after all. I did try my best, and with God's help, it turned out "excellent", as exclaimed by CEO. I couldn't help feeling really happy inside. I think my heart was doing a little cartwheel just now.

My colleague who has worked with said CEO commented that he could be quite demanding. And yes, he was. Wanted so many new features into the website and demanded to have this and that. With my persuasiveness I managed to convince him that those extras would have to come in later. Settle the basics within the given 3 weeks and we'll come to the rest when I will be freed from my other projects.

And that's how my week went. Really rushed and messy in the beginning. It still is, even as I type. Too many things to write here, but as the week comes to an end, I feel very satisfied that my work was completed (to a certain extent), and even praised! Praise the Lord, is what I'd say!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2004


Effects of hazy days in the Peninsular :

1) Foreign lumps and bumps on otherwise quite-smooth face, also known as pimples

2) White particles on scalp, usually with some itch, could be dandruff

3) 1 & 2 resulting in deterioration of image and reputation of affected individual

4) More people coughing and sniffing, adding unnecessary bonus to current air quality

5) 4 resulting in a cycle of sick people who become even sicker and sicker as cycle goes another round before affected individuals have a chance to recover

6) Combination of 1+2+4 resulting in ghastly looking people who cough away nonstop

7) Feel as if one's in Genting Highlands, everything looks misty and romantic

8) Less sunlight beaming through clouds, making it feel as if one's really in Genting, especially when aircond in office reaches subzero temperatures

9) Comination of 1+2+4+8 resulting in pale looking individuals who huddle in thick sweaters stiffling their coughs

10) Overall effect --> Very unconducive working environment for people caught in the vicious cycle where no immediate cure is to be found, unless one takes a long holiday away in some place warm and green. I'm thinking of another holiday trip! :D

Friday, July 23, 2004


Off to our company resort for a 2-day training --> 7 habits of highly effective people.
When I come back, I'll be highly-super-ultra-mega effective :P

Ta-ta, people! I'm not looking forward to it, but hey, gotta be optimistic :P

Thursday, July 15, 2004

cold water trickling down

Due to popular requests, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :

Surfer Dudes in Bali

If anyone knows who these guys are, pls let me know. Didn't manage to thank them properly for being such sports (I wanted to write "sporting", but methinks it's Manglish!). Said they had to rush for the waves. :P

Monday, July 12, 2004

shoulder, not waist!

Erm, think there is a typo somewhere down in my previous entry. Actually the surfer dude pulled me by the shoulder, not the waist. Just saw the pictures and realised it! :P

Hmm... the more I tell people about Bali, the more I miss it :D Maybe if I were to go there again, I'd probably do bungee jumping or take up surfing *wink*

Friday, July 09, 2004

bali, bali, bali!

Some updates are in order :

1) Back from my Bali holiday. Couldn't get enough of it :D

2) Jimbaran - seafood. Superb view. You get to choose your own seafood (crabs, fish, clams, prawns, squid) and tell the cook how you want it done. Walk towards the beach where romantic lanterns, tables of frolicking families and mushy couples abound. As you sit, the chair sinks into the sand. As you eat somemore, you sink a little more deeper. Live band going around playing music to suit all tastes. Asians get free music while tipsy angmohs tip generously. :D

3) Besakih - mother of all temples. I had to rent a sarong coz you're not supposed to bare your knees in the holy place. But spaghettis and tubes are fine. So up we climbed the slope to the many many temples clustered on the hillside. Our local guide had really brown eyes and we thinks he's mixed. Couldn't speak Indonesian but schooled in English... hmmm... cute, but too young :P

4) Ubud - Bali version of our Central Market. Lots of stuff to buy to your heart's content. Wooden carvings of cats and dicks, Accessories of beads and shark's tooth, acrylic paintings of mythical creatures and women's chests. They're pretty good at painting boobs, from the many variations we saw there.

5) Kintamani - view of volcanic mountain. Didn't get to actually step on the volcano and its dark lava enriched soil. But we were on the opposite side, where they have rows of restaurants with open air views. Much like dining with the Swiss Alps at the background. Cool mountain breeze with afternoon sun. Japs seem to love it there.

6) Legian - shopping spree. Long road with little shops all along. Excellent place if you know how to bargain. Let me give you a tip if you plan to visit Bali - haggle until the shopkeeper cries. Ok, maybe not that harsh, but sometimes I think they look like I'm asking for free. But hey, better to sell and get rid of inventory rather than hoard them and not earn anything. Seriously, I got my stuff for more than 50% off quoted price :D

7) Spa - Green Garden Resort. Dunno whether we were ripped off, but paying USD44 for 2 hrs of massage, scrub and mandi lulur didn't seem to be so worth it. I had a better time in my Sri Hartamas massage compared to here. But the cottage where we had our pampering session opens up to the sky above. Lots of greens and bougan... bogainvi... bougainvillaeas, piped in Balinese music and sounds of gushes of water from nearby man-made fountain made it really relaxing though.

8) Kuta@night - happening area. We walked past the place that got bombed 2 years ago. Hollow and flattened, with a memorial on the front. Can still see faded signatures along with fresh writings of consolation on the banner. Opposite is Paddy's Pub. Lots of young angmohs partying away. Another pub nearby, less people and not too happening. As I peered in, I saw lots of older angmohs and Balinese SYTs.

9) Hard Rock Cafe - bigger than KL's. No cover charge, but drinks are exorbitant. Paid rup800,000(!!!) for 2 jugs of alcoholic drinks. They have a proper stage for guest artists performing. T-Rex was rocking away when we arrived. Pretty good repertoire of songs backed up by solid vocals. Lead lady singer came down to chat with us, delighted that we're Malaysians. Word got to cute lead guy singer, who dropped by during break to take pics with us. By the way, his name is Rudy. Told us they'd be coming to our shores come September to perform in Planet Hollywood. Can't wait!

10) Kuta beach - big waves, fine sand. Only managed to enjoy the lovely beach on the last day though. Locals come rushing to you, offering hair braiding services, tattoo-ing, mats for rent, and of course, surf boards. Must mention hunky surfer dudes too. Rippling muscles and cute smile. I was right, they were from Sydney. As we posed for pics, the one next to me pulled me by the waist as I tried to smile for the camera. I could feel the cold sea water trickling down from his hair. But they were sporting lar :D

Hey, 10 things to do in Bali, not bad eh? Oh since the 1st one doesnt count, try this - "horse-trishaw". Brings you for a tour around Kuta area for a reasonable fee. Popular with Taiwanese tourists. Can smell horse backside from where I sat. Other than that, not too bad lar. Authentic mar, like bullock cart. Just replace bull with horse.

P/s : I think I'm having post-hols depression :( I wanna go back there!

Friday, July 02, 2004

you're so blessed!

I was fetching Irene home after our "Holiness in Times of Temptation" seminar last night. We were discussing about some "holy" (more like unholy :P) stuff and about each other's experiences. She kept saying "You're so blessed!!" as I related my stories.

I'm not perfect, but I'm blessed! I have many weaknesses and faults, but sometimes I become engrossed in the negative that I don't see the positive. Although I'm generally an optimistic person (so optimistic that people think I have no problems), I always thought that my life could get better if I could just oversome some of these weaknesses. Maybe it would, but I think being thankful of my blessings would certainly help as well.

I know why she said that I'm so blessed, but I still can't help marvel at that statement of hers. I really am blessed... I am a blessed being!

Suddenly all my weaknesses don't seem so bad. They are still there, and I do want to work on them. But I guess, it's not so much of me working, but more of God being the strength amidst all these. As the scriptures says "My strength comes into its own in your weakness" - 2 Corinthians 12:9

My cramps are threatening to ruin my wonderful Bali holiday, but I'm sure gonna bring this "You're so blessed!" with me when I board the plane tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 01, 2004

bali, here i come!

Can't wait for my sun, sea and sand holiday! :D

Leaving this Saturday afternoon, my first ever holiday overseas hehe... :D

I can already feel the splash from the seawaters ... the smell of the warm seabreeze ... the grainy bits of sand stuck in between my toes ... :D

Can't wait, can't wait :D :D

Thursday, June 24, 2004


If you could imagine the position of cubicles in a U-shape : On the left tip sits Leg@l Dept (L), while the right tip just got occupied by the Qu@lity Mgmt (Q) Dept. The rest of the alphabet is filled people from my dept (C).

L : Eh, Q Dept is moving in. Taking our cubicles somemore.

C1 : Your cubicles?

L : Yalar, those 4 are reserved for us. Look, my files are occupying those areas. Then your dept took 1 from us for your Plasma TV project. Now left 3 only.

C1 : No choice ler. Big Boss' instructions. After all, you don't need so many cubicles.

L : Ok larr... But I cannot stand Q's music lar. Always switch on dunno what channel, with dunno wat songs..

C2 : Ya ya, I agree. somemore she point her radio towards our dept. Already my dept got our own radio. Now I have noise coming from both sides.

C1 : Wah you get to listen to 2 channels. Ok wat?

C2 : Aiyer, crazy meh. She listens to all those yucky oldies and slow rock.

C1 : Yalar, you know I kenot tahan those 80's music and Malay rock... Eh no offence ar, L.

L : No lar. I Malay also kenot stand it. It's as if those rockers got stuck in some forgotten era. Always with their sad slow rock. Or should I say, soft rock.

C1 : Not fair lar, Q sits alone there, but her radio blasts until our side here.

C2: You know what? I always walk over to her radio and lower down the volume.

C1 : But you know what also? When she comes back, she will make it louder again! Haha... I think she knows lar.

C2 : Don't care ler. That day I had to play Avril on my PC to drown out her music.

C3 : Hmm... what are you grrls talking about ah?

C1, C2 & L gives knowing looks towards Q dept, with colleague Q out on an errand.

C3 : Ohhh... Why don't we just take out her batteries??

C2 : Har?? Won't that be obvious??

C1 : No lar, she will think the ghosts from next door cemetery came to steal her batteries.

C2 : What can we do ar? Can't ask her to point her radio the other side. Reception is better near our corner.

L : I know, I know! Shh... We'll just drip some water, drop by drop into her radio lar. She won't know what. The circuits will kaput and we won't get to listen to those noise anymore.

C2 : Wah, terror lar you!!

C1 : So bad!

C3 : Pssst... get back to work, she's here!

Monday, June 21, 2004

coming back full circle

Some things in my life are really coming back full circle now.

1) Caught up with Irene last year while attending GCF's Ibridge camp. Coincidentally we first met at FES' Young Teens' Camp 10 years back and had been penpals for a short while. Now that we're reunited, my cousin's jealous coz we're getting to be rather good buddies :P

2) My childhood best friend's family (including her sis) are moving down to Klang Valley. We've been bosom buddies during my stay in Kelantan and I can't believe they bought a house in Subang USJ! It's gonna be like the good ol' days again :D

3) The said cousin (who thinks Irene is leaking out secrets about him to me) just got married to a childhood friend of mine from Penang! I got kinda suspicious when I saw her name in the e-invitation card. And guess what? She emailed me last week and she still remembers me! This is such a small world :Þ

Things to thank God for : Isn't He so wonderful? I thought I lost my friends when I moved all over the country. Now He's brought them back into my life. For that, I am a blessed being :))

Wednesday, June 16, 2004

queer (not!) eye for the straight guy

Staring into the PC for hours at end, day after day has rendered my eye... not useless, but I think it's not as good as it was. I can proudly say that I had perfect vision before I discovered the many wonderful things you can do with a PC. Well, there was a PC in our house, but we only did stuff like spreadsheets, simple document, basic DOS... who am I kidding? Most of the time my brother and I would be there playing games! Those were the days of Lemming, Prince of Persia and PacMan. :D

Anyways, I noticed my vision wasn't as sharp as before. Found some simple eye exercies that I could do. I did think of getting glasses, but didn't want to depend so much on it. I heard that if you were to take them out and wear 'em once in awhile, it could get worse. There are also people whose eyesight has gotten better after wearing 'em. But I figured, since the power ain't that high, I can still do something about it. Don't think the intelligent specky look is for me lar.

So there I was sitting in my cubicle. I was looking at the furthest point in the office and then back to the newspapers on my desk, back to the end of the room and forth and so on. This was to avoid having short-sightedness due to much staring at the monitor.

I was trying to make out the letterings on the door of the meeting room when I noticed the guy from the next department looking back at me. I was a little startled, then looked elsewhere to give him the impression that I was not staring at him. It occurred to me that since he was sitting in the front cubicle, maybe he must've thought I was admiring him. All those staring and staring. Gasp! Just about 15 degrees to the left (this is an approximate angle as calculated by my intelligent mind hehe) of the letterings I was trying to make out, was where he was sitting.

I didn't give much thought to that incident. I continued my eye exercises, with my eyes making squares, figure 8's, the diagonal lines in the British flag and even doing them with my eyes closed. A few times I caught myself staring through him, but actually I was really looking at the letterings. The words "Meeting Room" was a bit blur, but sometimes on good days I can see it quite clearly. This is surely an improvement. What the heck if he thinks I'm admiring him :P

Monday, June 14, 2004

spa and massage p3

Prickly. Ya.. and a little itchy too. Maybe that's becoz it was my first time. I hadn't done this kinda thing before. So there I was, slowly undressing. Although the aircond was on, but the dim lights and scented room made it felt rather warm... Hmm.. maybe I should just skip this part, don't want people to start imagining myself naked :P

Oh-kays, but some people might just be interested in how a body scrub goes. ;) I was getting a little uncomfy lying down on the bed. There was more baring of the skin compared to the massage! The same Indo lady massaged the concoction of seaweed and loofah goo all over my body. I realised some prickly sensation on certain parts of my skin. Indo lady assured me that this was quite normal. Just bear it for awhile, and I'll be getting silky smooth skin in no time.

After covering myself from the neck down with the greenish stuff, she wrapped me up in a large plastic sheet. I felt like a christmas present. Maybe this is how stuffed turkeys feel like. Marinated all over and covered in aluminium foil. Except that I wasn't going into the oven.

I must've been lying there for ages when the 15-min time limit was up. She carefully unwrapped me, like how one would unwrap a roasted turkey. I stepped into a sarong which she was holding and went into the shower. It felt so good having the water run over me. All those pricklyness went away together with the flowing water. My skin really felt silky smooth. She didn't bluff me! I'm beginning to feel all pampered again.

Then back into the massage room for a final massage with essential oil. This only lasted for about 10 minutes, but it was good enough. I had the option of having a full body massage, but that of course means full payment lah. And besides, I had an appointment with Rene.

Before leaving the Nail Studio (yes, they specialise in manicures and pedicures, but they have body treatments as well) I found out that I still had about RM3 left from the voucher. Hmmm... what I shall pamper myself with next? :D

Tuesday, June 08, 2004


I was there after Rene had her "confrontation" with the "thief".

She was mildly glad that she had gotten it over with. After all, I don't think it was a pleasant experience. Even though she wasn't in the wrong. Still, you don't know how confrontations will turn out to be. Especially if you hardly know the other person.

Halfway through our shopping (what's the opposite of spree?), he called to apologise some more. I wouldn't call him a thief. He was ignorant. Just like how I was, until I learnt what plagiarism was!

This copying business was the rage in campus. Having so many assignments, projects and papers to pass up, and with the internet so readily available... it was just too easy picking up information and pasting onto our documents.

Everyone did it, and no one said anything about it being wrong. Of course, claiming something which is not ours, as ours, is wrong. Most of the time we would quote our references and link the information in footnotes or in the appendix.

One day, or maybe somehow someday, we learnt about this thing called "plagiarism" and we realised that we could be sued for what we have been doing all these while. But since I'm the smart one (LOL!) I made sure I edited those sentences until they bore no semblance to the original articles. That won't be called plagiarism, would it? :D

No wonder I took forever to do my final year project thesis.

Monday, June 07, 2004

spa and massage p2

Massage was pretty good. I was half expecting to doze off in the middle of it. But manalar tau, I was grimacing in pain instead. I think the masseuse gave me the traditional body massage instead of the aromatherapy treatment.

Since this was my first time, I felt strange being clotheless. In front of a stranger. I hoped she wouldn't notice the bumps and lumps on my body :P But I think it was more like the lack of it that worried me more. :D

I think, I shouldn't have indulged in a filling banana leaf rice just before that. Felt really strange when she started her stunts on my back. And I have this ticklish tendency on my sides. So had to suppress myself from regurgitating my lunch and laughing at the same time. The back rubs were long and soothing.

Then she moved down to the legs and feet. Then up to the arms and hands. Ended each of these by pulling my fingers and toes until they produced a cracking sound. The neck massage must've been the best. I wished it lasted forever. And there's this technique which I didn't expect, the one that Indian barbers usually do for their customers at the end of a haircut. Where they will shake your head sideways and give a sudden twist to the side, making a loud sound as if you just broke your neck! Hmm... now my neck feels a bit loose, hope the screws are all intact.

ps : will have to go for the body scrub another week coz her slots were full for the day.

Friday, June 04, 2004

spa and massage

Yay! Looking forward to this weekend!
Made an appointment with the spa lady. Was surprised that I managed to get an afternoon slot with her tomorrow. Thought weekends would be packed.

Anyways, I'm finally gonna utilise the spa voucher my grrlfriends gave me for my birthday. No time mah. Was planning to take leave just to pamper myself. But then again, don't think it's such a wise idea. I'll probably be so relaxed that I don't have mood to go to work liao.

Since there's this promotion going on, I think I might just be able to squeeze in a full body massage, body scrub and maybe foot spa :D See how.

Abit scared lar. First time doing this. Baring my body to strangers. The last time I did that was during a minor op, but I was knocked out unconscious by the aneasthesia, so that doesn't really count.

One of my grrlfriends got a massage voucher for Leon@rd Dr@ke and had the "privilege" of being rubbed at the "chests". Being a first timer, she felt er, strange. But then again, there's a first time for everything, right? :D

Wednesday, June 02, 2004

shots for papa

Shh...! Don't tell my papa I made this for Father's Day :D It's supposed to be a surprise hehe...

My Papa's Fav Dessert

Tuesday, June 01, 2004

the one with the sunscreen advice

You may have heard this some years back. I remembered it was quite a famous "song" that time because it wasn't exactly a song, but at the same time not rap even though the guy didn't "sing" it out. (Thanks to Adele for the forward - highlights hers) :

Baz Luhrman/Everybody's Free (to Wear Sunscreen)
Ladies and Gentlemen of the class of ’99
If I could offer you only one tip for the future,
sunscreen would be it.
The long term benefits of sunscreen have been proved by scientists
whereas the rest of my advice has no basis
more reliable than my own meandering experience
I will dispense this advice now.

Enjoy the power and beauty of your youth;
oh nevermind; you will not
understand the power and beauty of your youth
until they have faded.
But trust me, in 20 years you’ll look back at photos of yourself
and recall in a way you can’t grasp now
how much possibility lay before you and
how fabulous you really looked.
You’re not as fat as you imagine.

Don’t worry about the future;
or worry, but know that worrying is as effective
as trying to solve an algebra equation
by chewing bubblegum.
The real troubles in your life
are apt to be things that never crossed
your worried mind;
the kind that blindside you at 4pm on some idle Tuesday.

Do one thing everyday that scares you

Don’t be reckless with other people’s hearts,
don’t put up with people who are reckless with yours.


Don’t waste your time on jealousy;
sometimes you’re ahead,
sometimes you’re behind
the race is long, and in the end,
it’s only with yourself.

Remember the compliments you receive, forget the insults;
if you succeed in doing this, tell me how.

Keep your old love letters, throw away your old bank statements.


Don’t feel guilty if you don’t know what you want to do with your life
the most interesting people I know didn’t know at 22
what they wanted to do with their lives,
some of the most interesting 40 year olds I know still don’t.

Get plenty of calcium.
Be kind to your knees,
you’ll miss them when they’re gone.

Maybe you’ll marry, maybe you won’t,
maybe you’ll have children, maybe you won’t,
maybe you’ll divorce at 40,
maybe you’ll dance the funky chicken on your 75th wedding anniversary
what ever you do, don’t congratulate yourself
too much or berate yourself either
your choices are half chance, so are everybody else’s.
Enjoy your body, use it every way you can
don’t be afraid of it, or what other people think of it,
it’s the greatest instrument you’ll ever own..

Dance even if you have nowhere to do it but in your own living room.

Read the directions, even if you don’t follow them.

Do NOT read beauty magazines, they will only make you feel ugly.

Get to know your parents, you never know when they’ll be gone for good.

Be nice to your siblings;

they are the best link to your past and the people
most likely to stick with you in the future.

Understand that friends come and go,
but for the precious few you should hold on.

Work hard to bridge the gaps in geography in lifestyle
because the older you get,
the more you need the people you knew when you were young.

Live in New York City once,
but leave before it makes you hard;
live in Northern California once,
but leave before it makes you soft.


Accept certain inalienable truths, prices will rise,
politicians will philander,
you too will get old, and when you do you’ll fantasize
that when you were young prices were reasonable,
politicians were noble and children
respected their elders.

Respect your elders.

Don’t expect anyone else to support you.
Maybe you have a trust fund,
maybe you have a wealthy spouse;
but you never know when either one might run out.

Don’t mess too much with your hair,
or by the time you're 40, it will look 85.

Be careful whose advice you buy,
but, be patient with those who supply it.

Advice is a form of nostalgia,
dispensing it is a way of fishing the past
from the disposal, wiping it off,
painting over the ugly parts and selling it for more than it’s worth.

But trust me on the sunscreen