Friday, July 30, 2004

and so, the week is coming to an end...

Feeling really relieved that the week is finally coming to an end.

CEO of one subsidiary company dumped a rush job last week. Wanted to do a revamp of their website, time given 3 weeks. That's crazy, I thought. My usual is 3 months, depending on amendments, bugging and testing. So anyhows, I took up the challenge. Nothing pending at the moment mar. Want to show I'm superwoman :P

Lo and behold, all sorta obstacles came in throughout the past week. Computer networks and internet connection were unreliable, to say the least. Everyone was frustrated. All our work was on the PC. No network, no MS office, no connection to software, no work can be done. So there I was, stuck. Opening programmes took forever. Internet was up one minute, down the next 2 hours.

This was crazy. No way I could finish up a decent mock for CEO within a week, let alone with all these disruptions. So I did the only thing I could do - pray. Pray like crazy lor. And hope for the best :D

Internet was up again for awhile, scrambled to do the necessary changes before it went kaput. Emailed CEO to tell him that I won't be doing major revamp. Will maintain the layout as the original website, but cosmetic changes will be done to top and bottom bars, main banner and colour scheme. That itself is considered a feat, since I'm quite particular about how the whole layout will appear.

People who think websites are easy to do are, well, quite right to a certain extent. Anyone can create a website, but not all websites are user-friendly, adhere to best practices, easily navigable and do not require users to have a steep learning curve.

But, I digress. I can go on and on about how to make a good website, share with you tips on what best makes a corporate website tick and attract users and clients....

Anyways, with all the frustrations and obstacles throughout the last and this week, I managed to come up with something decent. So "decent" I was prepared to apologise to CEO and blame it on the terrible network and unreliable net connection.

So there I went, showing off the "decent" website and explaining to him how I changed the look of the website. Much like how a make up artists explains to the a mak datin how the latest eyeshadow will make her eyes look bigger, and the newest lipstick in the market will make her lips so pouty men want to kiss her. So explained I did, trying to make it sound like I did a lot of work despited the inconveniences. Which still was a lot mar.

"Good! Excellent! I like this!" exclaimed CEO.

I myself was shocked. I turned to see his face and saw that he was truly happy and satisfied with my "decent" work. So it wasn't so "decent" after all. I did try my best, and with God's help, it turned out "excellent", as exclaimed by CEO. I couldn't help feeling really happy inside. I think my heart was doing a little cartwheel just now.

My colleague who has worked with said CEO commented that he could be quite demanding. And yes, he was. Wanted so many new features into the website and demanded to have this and that. With my persuasiveness I managed to convince him that those extras would have to come in later. Settle the basics within the given 3 weeks and we'll come to the rest when I will be freed from my other projects.

And that's how my week went. Really rushed and messy in the beginning. It still is, even as I type. Too many things to write here, but as the week comes to an end, I feel very satisfied that my work was completed (to a certain extent), and even praised! Praise the Lord, is what I'd say!! :)

Monday, July 26, 2004


Effects of hazy days in the Peninsular :

1) Foreign lumps and bumps on otherwise quite-smooth face, also known as pimples

2) White particles on scalp, usually with some itch, could be dandruff

3) 1 & 2 resulting in deterioration of image and reputation of affected individual

4) More people coughing and sniffing, adding unnecessary bonus to current air quality

5) 4 resulting in a cycle of sick people who become even sicker and sicker as cycle goes another round before affected individuals have a chance to recover

6) Combination of 1+2+4 resulting in ghastly looking people who cough away nonstop

7) Feel as if one's in Genting Highlands, everything looks misty and romantic

8) Less sunlight beaming through clouds, making it feel as if one's really in Genting, especially when aircond in office reaches subzero temperatures

9) Comination of 1+2+4+8 resulting in pale looking individuals who huddle in thick sweaters stiffling their coughs

10) Overall effect --> Very unconducive working environment for people caught in the vicious cycle where no immediate cure is to be found, unless one takes a long holiday away in some place warm and green. I'm thinking of another holiday trip! :D

Friday, July 23, 2004


Off to our company resort for a 2-day training --> 7 habits of highly effective people.
When I come back, I'll be highly-super-ultra-mega effective :P

Ta-ta, people! I'm not looking forward to it, but hey, gotta be optimistic :P

Thursday, July 15, 2004

cold water trickling down

Due to popular requests, here are some pics for your viewing pleasure :

Surfer Dudes in Bali

If anyone knows who these guys are, pls let me know. Didn't manage to thank them properly for being such sports (I wanted to write "sporting", but methinks it's Manglish!). Said they had to rush for the waves. :P

Monday, July 12, 2004

shoulder, not waist!

Erm, think there is a typo somewhere down in my previous entry. Actually the surfer dude pulled me by the shoulder, not the waist. Just saw the pictures and realised it! :P

Hmm... the more I tell people about Bali, the more I miss it :D Maybe if I were to go there again, I'd probably do bungee jumping or take up surfing *wink*

Friday, July 09, 2004

bali, bali, bali!

Some updates are in order :

1) Back from my Bali holiday. Couldn't get enough of it :D

2) Jimbaran - seafood. Superb view. You get to choose your own seafood (crabs, fish, clams, prawns, squid) and tell the cook how you want it done. Walk towards the beach where romantic lanterns, tables of frolicking families and mushy couples abound. As you sit, the chair sinks into the sand. As you eat somemore, you sink a little more deeper. Live band going around playing music to suit all tastes. Asians get free music while tipsy angmohs tip generously. :D

3) Besakih - mother of all temples. I had to rent a sarong coz you're not supposed to bare your knees in the holy place. But spaghettis and tubes are fine. So up we climbed the slope to the many many temples clustered on the hillside. Our local guide had really brown eyes and we thinks he's mixed. Couldn't speak Indonesian but schooled in English... hmmm... cute, but too young :P

4) Ubud - Bali version of our Central Market. Lots of stuff to buy to your heart's content. Wooden carvings of cats and dicks, Accessories of beads and shark's tooth, acrylic paintings of mythical creatures and women's chests. They're pretty good at painting boobs, from the many variations we saw there.

5) Kintamani - view of volcanic mountain. Didn't get to actually step on the volcano and its dark lava enriched soil. But we were on the opposite side, where they have rows of restaurants with open air views. Much like dining with the Swiss Alps at the background. Cool mountain breeze with afternoon sun. Japs seem to love it there.

6) Legian - shopping spree. Long road with little shops all along. Excellent place if you know how to bargain. Let me give you a tip if you plan to visit Bali - haggle until the shopkeeper cries. Ok, maybe not that harsh, but sometimes I think they look like I'm asking for free. But hey, better to sell and get rid of inventory rather than hoard them and not earn anything. Seriously, I got my stuff for more than 50% off quoted price :D

7) Spa - Green Garden Resort. Dunno whether we were ripped off, but paying USD44 for 2 hrs of massage, scrub and mandi lulur didn't seem to be so worth it. I had a better time in my Sri Hartamas massage compared to here. But the cottage where we had our pampering session opens up to the sky above. Lots of greens and bougan... bogainvi... bougainvillaeas, piped in Balinese music and sounds of gushes of water from nearby man-made fountain made it really relaxing though.

8) Kuta@night - happening area. We walked past the place that got bombed 2 years ago. Hollow and flattened, with a memorial on the front. Can still see faded signatures along with fresh writings of consolation on the banner. Opposite is Paddy's Pub. Lots of young angmohs partying away. Another pub nearby, less people and not too happening. As I peered in, I saw lots of older angmohs and Balinese SYTs.

9) Hard Rock Cafe - bigger than KL's. No cover charge, but drinks are exorbitant. Paid rup800,000(!!!) for 2 jugs of alcoholic drinks. They have a proper stage for guest artists performing. T-Rex was rocking away when we arrived. Pretty good repertoire of songs backed up by solid vocals. Lead lady singer came down to chat with us, delighted that we're Malaysians. Word got to cute lead guy singer, who dropped by during break to take pics with us. By the way, his name is Rudy. Told us they'd be coming to our shores come September to perform in Planet Hollywood. Can't wait!

10) Kuta beach - big waves, fine sand. Only managed to enjoy the lovely beach on the last day though. Locals come rushing to you, offering hair braiding services, tattoo-ing, mats for rent, and of course, surf boards. Must mention hunky surfer dudes too. Rippling muscles and cute smile. I was right, they were from Sydney. As we posed for pics, the one next to me pulled me by the waist as I tried to smile for the camera. I could feel the cold sea water trickling down from his hair. But they were sporting lar :D

Hey, 10 things to do in Bali, not bad eh? Oh since the 1st one doesnt count, try this - "horse-trishaw". Brings you for a tour around Kuta area for a reasonable fee. Popular with Taiwanese tourists. Can smell horse backside from where I sat. Other than that, not too bad lar. Authentic mar, like bullock cart. Just replace bull with horse.

P/s : I think I'm having post-hols depression :( I wanna go back there!

Friday, July 02, 2004

you're so blessed!

I was fetching Irene home after our "Holiness in Times of Temptation" seminar last night. We were discussing about some "holy" (more like unholy :P) stuff and about each other's experiences. She kept saying "You're so blessed!!" as I related my stories.

I'm not perfect, but I'm blessed! I have many weaknesses and faults, but sometimes I become engrossed in the negative that I don't see the positive. Although I'm generally an optimistic person (so optimistic that people think I have no problems), I always thought that my life could get better if I could just oversome some of these weaknesses. Maybe it would, but I think being thankful of my blessings would certainly help as well.

I know why she said that I'm so blessed, but I still can't help marvel at that statement of hers. I really am blessed... I am a blessed being!

Suddenly all my weaknesses don't seem so bad. They are still there, and I do want to work on them. But I guess, it's not so much of me working, but more of God being the strength amidst all these. As the scriptures says "My strength comes into its own in your weakness" - 2 Corinthians 12:9

My cramps are threatening to ruin my wonderful Bali holiday, but I'm sure gonna bring this "You're so blessed!" with me when I board the plane tomorrow :)

Thursday, July 01, 2004

bali, here i come!

Can't wait for my sun, sea and sand holiday! :D

Leaving this Saturday afternoon, my first ever holiday overseas hehe... :D

I can already feel the splash from the seawaters ... the smell of the warm seabreeze ... the grainy bits of sand stuck in between my toes ... :D

Can't wait, can't wait :D :D