Friday, October 29, 2004

busy bee's week

busy bee in need of a break. busy bee running around with chores. busy bee might collapse anytime this week!

- games for children church
- updates for i-bridge camp's finances
- music practice
- website presentation to chairman
- appreciation gift for annual dinner committee
- buka puasa and birthday party for CEO
- lessons for cell group

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

for all You've done

For All You've Done
By the way again, Hillsongs' latest album is out. "For All You've Done" is relatively mild compared to some other earlier ones. A lot of piano and strings. A refreshing change from the usual drums and bass. Even the album cover with the image of a chandelier and flouncy fonts somehow depict the difference in the songs. But one thing remains as in most others - Darlene in a worshipping pose :)

Thursday, October 21, 2004

4 doses of calvin

After some heavy brain activity revolving mathematical equations, i think some light-hearted comics are in order :)

rub it in

genius like me

plain calvin

boy of destiny

Tuesday, October 19, 2004

birthday paradox

The birthday paradox states that if there are 23 people in a room then there is a slightly more than 50/50 chance that at least two of them will have the same birthday. For 60 or more people, the probability is greater than 99%.

Read more to find out how this probability is mathematically possible. In our floor, taking into account 3 main departments, there are at least 33 people altogether. Already, I share the same birthday as one of my colleagues. So there is living proof that this probability is possible.

But, as the article mentions, if you step into a room of 22 people, the chance that someone else shares the same birthday as you is much lower. Out of the 23 people, there are 253 pairs, of which each is a possible birthday match. But if you are looking to share the same birthday as someone in the room, then there are only 22 possible pairs to consider. I have yet to fully comprehend the calculations stated there, tis been years since I touched statistics and probability!

*thanks to kiwlm for the article*

Monday, October 18, 2004

3 sentences

I've got my groove back.

I'm now back in business.

If I wasn't brought up with values and principles, I'd be a Samantha.

Tuesday, October 12, 2004

self torture

I am a sadist. I torture myself sometimes. Don't know why I do that to myself. Maybe it's the pleasure I derive from it. It's like S&M. The more painful, the more pleasurable. I don't know, I've never personally tried it, but I can imagine.

Here I am, having my lunch. Hot and spicy Indian food. Fried bitter gourd, quail eggs in chili sauce, curried mushroom and potatoes, and the must-have rasem soup. My nose is beginning to run and I can feel my face blushing. It's really a delicious meal, but I find it so difficult to eat without downing lots of iced water. And I continue torturing myself with the nice food, and resting once in awhile to gasp for air.

Oh, why do I torture myself so?

Friday, October 08, 2004

i always thought...

... i was special, different from most people. One in a million. Heh.

John introduced me to this personality test which seems to describe him more accurately compared to other tests available out there.

Tired of being categorised under "expected" results, I decided to go through the short series of questions. Here, is my brain usage profile :
Auditory : 47%
Visual : 52%
Left : 52%
Right : 47%

Not bad. I'm really quite balanced in both sides of the brain. Also in the way I process information. Reading further on...
sarah, you are one of those rare individuals who are perfectly "balanced" in both your hemispheric tendencies and your sensory learning preferences. However, there is both good news and bad news.


A problem with hemispheric balance is that you will tend to feel more conflict than someone who has a clearly established dominance. At times the conflict will be between what you feel and what you think but will also involve how you attack problems and how you perceive information. Details which will seem important to the right hemis- phere will be discounted by the left and vice versa, which can present a hindrance to learning efficiently.

So desuka.

In the same vein, you may have a problem with organization. You might organize your time and/or space only to feel the need to reorganize five to ten weeks later.

On the positive side, you bring resources to problem-solving that others may not have. You can perceive the "big picture" and the essential details simultaneously and maintain the cognitive perspective required. You possess sufficient verbal skills to translate your intuition into a form which can be understood by others while still being able to access ideas and concepts which do not lend themselves to language.

I always knew I was a class above the rest *ahem*

Your balanced nature might lead you to second-guess yourself in artistic endeavors, losing some of the fluidity, spontaneity and creativity that otherwise would be yours.

No wonder I couldn't excel properly in the arts.

With your balanced sensory styles, you process data alternately, at times visually and other times auditorially. This usage of separate memories may cause you to require more time to integrate information or re-access it. When presented with situations which force purely visual or purely auditory learning, increased anxiety is likely and your learning efficiency will decrease.

Slow? I'm actually processing information veeeery thoroughly.

Your greatest benefit is that you can succeed in multiple fields due to the great plasticity and flexibility you possess.

Ah, this is the best line that describes me. With my high levels of adaptivity, the world is my siham*!


Thursday, October 07, 2004

from europe with love

The past 1 and half weeks, I was home alone. Quite. Parents were in Europe for a short break.

Dad was scheduled for a working trip to Amsterdam, Milan, and Venice. At first I wanted to tag along, since I missed following him to UK the year before. This time, we persuaded mum to follow him on the trip. After all, the last time they went to Europe together was more than 20 years ago. It was in Amsterdam that they had their "2nd honeymoon". I'm sure it would be good for memories' sake that they revisit the place.

Had it not been for the short notice, I'd have jumped on the plane with them too. In the end, mum got her leave approved and tickets confirmed just 2 days before the scheduled flight. After all the hoo-ha with the winter clothing, exchange of cash, passport, and extra camera, we bade them goodbye as they were driven off to the airport Saturday night.

For my brother, it was bliss. Freedom, no mummy to nag him. For me, I had to pick up after him. His clothes, his dishes left on the sink, his loose change on the table, his... whatever. I found myself praying for a domesticated hubby-to-be.

I didn't realise there was so much housework to do when one has to do all of them by oneself. So I spaced them out across the week. One day to do the laundry, another day to mop the floor, another to throw the trash. And along with these, make sure all appliances are switched off, all locks are where they're supposed to be at the end of the day. I guess the workload is multiplied when one stays in a double storey house, and further doubled when dearest brother is nowhere to be seen.

Mum called a couple of times, albeit with some initial difficulty. Couldn't get through us at the house phone, and the Euro phones have foreign sounding instructions. I assured her everything was alright, we were still alive and well, and not to worry about the house. Just enjoy themselves and not to think too much about souvenirs. I'm aware of the exchange rate and the glitziness of the places they're at.

Heck, I was almost dying with envy when I heard dad was going to Milan. The fashion city. What if summer sales was ending, it's still fashion city! Designer bags and clothes are at a fraction of a price, some not even found in boutiques back in the country. Even if I don't end up buying any of the overpriced goods, I'm sure it would be an quite experience just to be in the midst of a bustling fashion city.

Mum came back yesterday with tales of her holiday. I'm glad she enjoyed herself. She managed to buy loads of chocolates and some goodies for me. Belated birthday gifts, she said. Nevermind that. I'm just so happy and touched she had time to buy me some nice stuff. I don't really mind if I don't get gifts from my family. We're not really into birthdays and such. Never really made a big fuss, so once in awhile when we do, it is considered big.

When I left for work this morning, and the rest of the family happily snoring away in dreamland, the bagful of goodies were still on the table. The night before, my dad was teasing that my mum brought me the whole of Europe - the postcards, pamphlets, brochures and hotel goodies. He's a minimal traveller, and doesn't bring back unnecessary stuff that touristy people usually do. So I told him that since I didn't get to go, mum wanted to share a bit of her holiday with me. Knowing how much I love to travel, those were good enough for me.

Tuesday, October 05, 2004

oh, woe is me!

I'm getting boring. I have nothing interesting to report anymore.
I think it's the writer's block thingy.
Help! Gimme something to write about :P

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

On the other hand, I got this pretty amusing animation in my mailbox yesterday. Got the flash file years back, and found the icons highly electrifying, whatwith their light sabres, zappers, lasers and force field weapons lashing out at each other.