Saturday, February 17, 2018

from ESFP to ISFP

It's been a long while since I blogged, and at least 2 people asked what had happened to me.

The trigger was a question from a recruiter if I had taken the Myers-Briggs test, and I barely remembered I did something a few years ago.

So I decided to retake the test, because I'm quite sure we change over the course of time. True enough, I did, but maintained a lot of the previous personality traits. I think it really depends on what's happening in your life at that point of time, what you just went through and also your emotional being too.

When comparing myself to "The Entertainer" personality type, I think "The Adventurer" is closer to what I am now. Not entirely accurate but I can relate to many of the things they described.

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

moving across continents p2

The last few hours as they disassembled the bed had an almost slo-mo effect. It was quite surreal watching Daniel dismantle the bed. This was the very first furniture in the apartment, and fittingly the last to go too. For some months I lived with this bed as I went around searching for other furniture.

I didn't realise so much dust could accumulate beneath those wood panels! I've moved the bed few times to clean behind it, but the area under the mattress was impossible. I was already not feeling well for weeks, so the dust didn't help!

Daniel worked quietly and diligently while I just sat there trying to take everything in. Now as I recall such memories, I feel so grateful for their help.

Finally (almost) everything was gone. Still can't believe such a tiny compact space could hold so much things.

I was surprised to get this from Nittsu when they first came to pack. It's to hold valuable items when the packing is done. Makes so much sense - especially when things get chaotic and things aren't in their original locations anymore. So I put my mobile phones, keys, passport and commuter pass in here.

I didn't get to capture the truck when they came on the first day, but on the 2nd day when it was mostly furniture. They're going to the storage, in the event that I should return to Japan after my assignment is done.

I've already waved goodbye and said my thanks to the movers but I stood by the apartment entrance as they locked the truck.

There goes my things, in a truck to a warehouse, then to a ship or plane or storage, as they relocate to their new accommodation. I think I was half-dazed by then. Not sure if it was me trying to recover from my cold, or the stress of relocating, or the overwhelming feeling of nostalgia and reluctance of uprooting again.

I guess this time it was different. When I moved from Malaysia to Japan the first time, I was amongst many who wished me well and I was super excited. When I moved from Tokyo back to Malaysia, I had housemates and church friends who came to help. When I moved from Malaysia to Japan for the 2nd time, there was still family like always.

This move, my family offered to help too. My mum, who had just visited me in April, said she didn't mind flying to Kobe again to help me pack. She even offered my dad to go with me to Amsterdam, so that I didn't have to carry everything by myself. I was really touched by their gestures, but I had to tell them the multiple flight tickets wouldn't justify it all.

I needed to grow up (more), (continue to) be independent and really trust in Him. If this was a life lesson, and a phase that would draw me closer to Him, I'd have to go through it this way.

Monday, June 20, 2016

moving across continents p1

It's been such a surreal moving experience. The little cosy apartment I've come to call my 2nd home, was the first I've had to choose and live by myself (previous stays were either in student dormitory or shared houses).

It was quite time consuming measuring the apartment and going to furniture shops, since I had to be creative in fitting furniture, making do with as little as possible while maximising functions. Having said that, it was also fun seeing them all come together. I only got the table and TV rack after more than a year being in Kobe, realising I can't keep eating on a box while sitting on the floor watching the TV!

In the beginning, I hesitated in getting some stuff since I thought I'd only be there 1 year. In the end, all these stuff I had accumulated became an integral part of the apartment. So much so that it was difficult to have to pack them, give some away, and return the apartment to its original state.

Thank God for professional movers though the organising and planning took the most time - especially when I had to decide between air cargo, ship cargo and storage. Each had its own weight limit and restrictions (eg : can't bring natural plants, milk products, wine/alcohol, etc). Had to give away the wreath I made last December, passed the Milo stuff through my colleagues, and decided others could drink the home-made umeshu faster than I did!

There was only 2 of them (with the driver downstairs to make sure the police weren't fussed) but they worked quickly and quietly. It reminded me of when the Ikea people came over to assemble the furniture.

I had already packed some of them in advance, but since they had to inspect and list down everything, I had no choice but to allow them to unpack them! All my things got jumbled up, and weren't exactly in the order I had placed them. I had already made many lists while planning, eg: x box for important documents, y box for toiletries, z box for gadgets and devices, so that I could find my things easily when unpacking.

The first day was mainly for the air and ship cargo. Because it wasn't a straightforward process, the whole packing took 2 days. If I could just pack everything as if moving domestically, that might have taken just half a day. I only discovered some things weren't packable during the first day, so had to quickly revise my plans.

After weeks of planning while also working, I was really exhausted by the time I was left with my bed. By this time, it had been half a day on the 2nd day with the movers. They had gone off for lunch, while I tried to have my final nap on the bed that I had found rest the past 3.5 years.

Thank God I found an affordable hotel just around the corner. So thankful I could move some luggages there while my 2nd home became empty bit by bit. Even though I was occupied with the packing and dis-assembling, I tried to document this process as much as I could.

Heartwrenching might be an overstatement, but I was quite reluctant to move, whatmore to go through the whole process. Just very thankful that it was from Japan and the movers made it as painless as possible.

Friday, May 13, 2016

another birthday gift?

I had meant to post this on my birthday, or at least on a memorable date but oh well, better late than never. March itself is usually a busy month, which I try to enjoy the celebrations with dear ones. In Japan it's also extra special because its the arrival of spring, and sometimes you get to see cherry blossoms peeping out thanks to unusually warm weather for that particular week.

8 March is not just my birthday, but I also share this special date with other momentous events. It used to be the Sultan Selangor's birthday, though I never lived in the state then to enjoy the state holiday. Now it's marked as the International Womens Day; I remember getting roses when working at companies which were more inclusive and diversified.

On this date in 2008, Malaysia experienced the political tsunami when the ruling government almost lost their grip. In 2014, one of our Malaysian Airlines plane disappeared into the seeming unknown and ended up being the largest aviation history in the world to date.

10 years ago, I received the much awaited letter from the Japanese Embassy, which gave me the unbelievably good news of getting a full scholarship to study my Masters. It was the bestest birthday gift ever from above. It was the ticket to and fulfilment of many dreams at once, many of which I never imagined possible before.

To be honest, I thought that was it. I've done my graduate studies, traveled to many countries, lived studied and worked in a foreign country, made many friends from all over the world, and experienced many things which would never have been possible had I stayed behind.

This year on my birthday, I received confirmation from the company that my relocation was approved by the Board. I wasn't around (I usually am out of office on my special day!) to receive the news directly, but it's okay.

It's really a long story, which I would span more than a year. After much pondering and praying, I decided to take it up. I still have my concerns and reservations though. But I told God, He'd better take care of me if He's sending me there. Well, this is what I prayed when I went to Tokyo and Kobe. He's answered my prayers more than I expected, so I knew it was meant to be.

Oh well, maybe I'm just too tired from all the packing and preparation to feel excited.

Monday, April 25, 2016

waktu tuhan

When Erike introduced some Indonesian traditional music some time back, my Youtube random songlist led to some other worship music. Maybe the dondang/keroncong song she sent was actually a Christian song?

Ever since then I've been quite delighted to find some familiar songs (sometimes we used to sing Bahasa Malaysia worship songs in church), and some newer but catchy ones by up and coming artists.

I added these to one of my songlists, together with other worship songs in various languages. I didn't keep count but I think there is at least 7 languages in there already, I can't wait to add more if anyone has good ones to introduce :)

The flavour of the day has been Indonesian again, so I thought of putting it here because the theme was a good reminder :

Sunday, April 24, 2016

kit kats for travel

While I was wrapping up a line of Kit Kats I had indulged for the past year, I realised there were some that got left out.

This is also part of the "adult sweetness" range (I wish there was a better way to describe this collection!), orange peel. It's not the wafer kind, but little balls of crisp wafer coated in chocolate.

I had this while on the way to the airport to catch my flight to Sendai. It was late summer and for some reason traffic was so bad that it took almost twice the usual time to get there. I had never been late for flights before, and this was supposed to be my emergency stash. Since I was hungry, I had to eat this.

These 2 above are some unique ones I found at the airport, so I didn't really taste them. I bought them for Swedish colleagues when I was there for business trip last August. This is of sakura matcha and Hokkaido red bean flavour.

You'd be forgiven if you thought green tea and red bean are the only flavours available in Japanese dessert!

I found these 3 at the Kansai airport while I was going to Taiwan to meet up with my ex-housemates. It was quite a spontaneous trip (I think I only confirmed a few weeks before), so this purchase was also quite spontaneous and I wanted to bring them for Imm.

Imm - If you're reading this, you were supposed to get these : Japanese strawberry, sakura matcha, and Uji matcha flavoured Kit Kats. Too bad you were not feeling well, hope we get to meet again one day!

I wonder if I have the most comprehensive list of Kit Kats ever? I think I've read some others, but I think it's quite impossible to get everything since each prefecture might have its specialty and each season will have different modification to a favourite flavour too.

Saturday, April 23, 2016

kit kat galore, over the past year!

Even though I've lived here so many years, I can't believe there's still new Kit Kat flavours to be savoured.

I got this from Sute-chan during the summer of last year and I did open them up to try at first. Then I realised I was supposed to "bake" them for better enjoyment.

So I decided to keep it for a bit later when the weather got chilly, I was imagining some hot puffy pie coming out of the oven in a winter day would be something to look forward to.

It said I should place it in an oven, with a tray. What a cute illustration on the cover to teach me how to eat this Kit Kat.

It didn't get crispy brown like it was supposed to, it just melted and became a bit crunchy. But, still interesting enough this variety.

I got some more other new flavours from colleagues at work. The above one is quite a famous variety - Uji matcha flavour from Kyoto, while the bottom is the Kobe pudding flavour.

This series "オトナの甘さ", literally translated as "adult sweetness", I think is a less sweeter version of the usual Kit Kat. To be honest, I don't quite like sweet stuff too much, but happen to receive lots of candies and chocolates perhaps because people think grrls like such confectionery. There is another flavour under this, which is the dark/bitter chocolate.

I feel with its emphasis on the featured flavour and not so much of sugar, it highlights the actual taste. This one with seasonal raspberry had the right tinge of sour sweetness.

When the team I was working with left for Tokyo, they were given these special message Kit Kats. It seems you can personalise your own Kit Kats with photo and text, perhaps a nice gesture for special events. The flavour is the standard chocolate wafer in chocolate coating.

This following one is also similar to the above, where there is some special messages embossed into the wafers.

I think this was made as encouragement notes for those who were going to sit for their university entrance examinations.

There are about 15 different type of messages in these Kit Kats, and consumers are encouraged to find all of them as part of the fun. I didn't realise it until I almost finished the last pack! I managed to capture "強い気持ちで" and "自信を持って:)", which translated to "Strong will power" and "Have confidence".

I think the last time I had an alcoholic Kit Kat was many years ago - the rum & raisin variety. I was quite delighted to find another one - Japanese sake (日本酒).

Everytime I get one of these special edition Kit Kats, I can't seem to get enough of it! This one even has a special packaging inside. The alcohol content is really low (only 0.8%), and it states to keep away from kids!

To be honest, it tasted a little like white chocolate, but with a slight sake flavour. Not my favourite drink, but I guess I gotta take a bit of liking while I'm here!

I think I have one more special one in the fridge... that will be a special treat :)

For other Kit Kat flavours found only in the land of the rising sun :
1) Plum soda, mango pudding, sports drink
2) Easter-themed bunny printed
3) Pineapple, orange, banana, fruit parfait
4) Halloween-themed pumpkin pudding
5) Roasted soy bean flour on rice ball, complete vege, ginger ale, English afternoon tea, cookie and roasted sweet potato
6) Wasabi, raspberry & passion fruit, thick soybean flour, strawberry cheese cake, strawberry, banana
7) Niigata special pear
8) White chocolate, vanilla ice-cream, sport-related, Japanese green tea

Tuesday, April 05, 2016

has it been a decade already?

4 April is both a memorable date and a reminder of His goodness. It was on this date 10 years ago that I arrived in Japan. Just a month before that, I received the Monbusho scholarship letter from the Japanese embassy, making it then the greatest birthday gift I ever had. (8 March is also very special because of that, but that will be another story!)

I thought I was going to be in Japan for my Masters then return to Malaysia to continue the rest of my life. Little did I know that I would experience some of the highest and lowest points in my life while here, living in different prefectures (Niigata, Tokyo and Kobe), experiencing new cultures (Japan may be Asia but it's so different from most things I know!) and did all sorts of things for the first time (tasting snow, enjoying hanami, dancing in a matsuri, cooking by myself, wearing a yukata, trying natto, learnt skiing, did snow-boarding, harvesting vege, onsen and enjoyed it thoroughly, etc), and meeting all sorts of people that I would never come across otherwise.

Throughout it all, I can only say that He has been a constant Friend and gracious Father.

It doesn't do justice to write a few paragraphs about a decade of living and working in Japan (minus a few while I was back in Malaysia), all the emotions I've had to go through while journeying on the mountains and valleys of life, and His abundant blessings that I sometimes took for granted.

I wish I could have the time to look through all the old posts and photos and make a collage to somehow to summarise that and make a little momento, but maybe the best for now is to thank Him for a journey that's beyond my wildest dreams so far...