Tuesday, February 23, 2016

make-up less

It has been influenza season lately in the office, so it's not uncommon to see people in masks. I asked Oka-san if she was having the flu when I bumped into her near the toilet. She replied with a Japanese word, " ".

I knew what it meant, but didn't realise that having no make-up was the reason for her putting on the mask. I was a bit surprised at first, so didn't respond immediately. I left a note on chat when I went back to my desk, trying to tell her that she still looked great without make-up.

SL : おかーさん!
HO : ほーい
SL : メークなしでもまだ美ままよ~
HO : www
SL : 時々メークはめんどくださいですね~
HO : そうよね!会社に来るだけなのに・・って思ってしまう~
SL : それは面白いですgね
HO : そう思う!外人はあんまり化粧してないよね
SL : wwww
HO : そうなんやー
SL : TVはテレビ?
HO : そうそうw
SL : あ~なるほご!
HO : でも普段会う人はほとんどメークしてないね
SL : 顔よくみえるように
HO : 私はメークする時間も10分もかからないけど
SL : 2時間???
HO : どこをどうしたら、そんなにかかるんかなー?
SL : シャワー含む時間?
HO : 含まないよwww
SL : 髪の毛のは?
HO : 含まないよw
SL : だからすごく他人に見えるね
HO : www
SL : www
HO : みんな毎月化粧品に2万円とか使うみたいよ!多かったらもっと使うらしい
SL : あ~そうなの
HO : www
SL : www
HO : 別人になるメイクもあるよw
SL : そんなメークは多分た~~~くさん商品必要ね
HO : あーなるほど

Thursday, February 11, 2016

steady my heart

2015 has been somewhat a better year compared to the year before. I've been truly blessed with having richer relationships and plenty of good memories. Many beyond my imagination.

I look back and think about some of the rocky road that I had to go through in 2014, and realise some just had to happen. Some paved way for other things that turned out to be silver lining. Some remain a mystery, but I learnt that not everything have to be resolved. I learnt that in those cases, it's better to surrender and "lose control".

When recalling some recent incidents that brought up the past, I reminded myself that I don't need to know all the why's. I might have to ask God when I meet Him one day, or perhaps when that day comes it does not matter anymore.

One thing I do know, though, that if I overcome a particular obstacle, it prepares me for bigger ones. It sounds too obvious sometimes, but when you're down in the slumps, it's hard to think that way! If I don't, then I might not know why it happened, or worse still, I'd indulge in pity party and think the world's against me.

So when I listened to an old favourite from Kari, I think of all those messy painful times and recall His goodness and trust that He will come through for me again.

Saturday, February 06, 2016

gustav made me wanna mambo

It's been some time since I chilled with some nice classical music. After a heart-to-heart chat with Sute-chan and deciding to spend Saturday evening catching up with me-time, I turned to Digital Concert Hall for some recommendation.

So happened they were featuring a free concert conducted by Gustavo Dudamel and the Simón Bolívar Symphony Orchestra. The piece that received standing ovation was Igor Stravinsky's Le Sacre du printemps. I didn't know Gustavo and this Orchestra were such a big deal until I read deeper while trying to find another version of the encore piece.

This led me to a very enthusiastic interpretation of Leonard Bernstein's Mambo, which made me wish I was part of the audience that evening!