Friday, April 29, 2005

thy word

Your word is a lamp to my feet
and a light for my path.
- Psalm 119:105

You know how that verse speaks of God guiding us one step at a time? How He will only light up the few steps in front of us, and not turn on the floodlights and brighten the whole area? Like how He will only reveal certain things to us, and not tell us how our life will be lived the next 20 years?

When I was climbing one of those many ridges on Melawati Hill, the slope was so steep that I could only allow myself to see a few feet from where I was. I feared that if I looked at the whole path, I'd get frightened by the sheerness of it.

I'll have to admit, there's this bit of fear of heights in me. Everytime I do abseiling, wall climbing or even flying fox, it scares the wits out of me just to look down and see how far I've gone. And because of this, I dare myself to conquer my fear, again and again.

Mountain climbing ain't so difficult, coz it's gradual. You can't see the height so much as abseiling, where one step away is many many feet down to ground. So everytime I come down in a whoosh, it's an adrenaline rush to the head. I feel exhilarated that I've managed to do it, yet again. And that's what keeps me going for the next one.

So it was up in Melawati Hill that I was reminded again of how He will still hold my hand and lead me, one step at a time. Even though I can't see what lies ahead, it's comforting to know that His grip will keep me close to Him. And as long as He's beside me, there is nothing that we can't go through together.

Thy Word

Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my path.
Thy Word is a lamp unto my feet,
And a light unto my path.

When I feel afraid, think I've lost my way,
Still, You're there right beside me.
And nothing will I fear, as long as You are near,
Please be near me to the end.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

up and down ridges

Up we go
Up we go one bright Thursday morning up Melawati Hill.

Uni friends we were
4 friends who were together since uni days.

look how steep
It was a challenging climb, and nothing like I've ever attempted before.

We climbed up many of such rocky ridges.

And also, attempt many climbs down rocky cliffs where one drop will bring you closer to heaven :p

smog covered
When we reached the top, we were dismayed to see a layer of smog hovering over the city.

magnificent view of dam
But we were also rewarded with a magnificent view of the reservoir on the other side.

my house gonna be there
And that's where I'm gonna build my house. You're welcomed to visit me :)

we came so far
Oh yea, that's where we started. We've come so far, and I'm proud to say my fear of heights did not stop me from conquering this hill :D

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

jack and jill went up the hill

I've just uploaded tonnes of photos to imagestation over these 2 days. Didn't realise I still have pictures from last year's Christmas gathering with the iB camp committee, to the recent hike up Melawati hill.

Yes, I've been up and climbing recently. Don't know what got into me. I was just wall climbing in Genting the previous weekend, and before I even fully recuperated from the sudden surge in physical activity, I attempted to climb the Melawati hill with some friends just days after.

I must think I'm spiderwoman. It's one of the most adventurous hill I've done so far. What usually takes 3 hours for regular hikers turned out to be a 5 hour journey for us. The length of the whole trip and the steepness of the ridges was nothing compared to the gorgeous view we had once we were on top.

On one side we could see a reservoir with its still waters glistening under the afternoon sun, while on the other side a smog covered city. What a contrast. Who would believe such magnificent views existed so near Kuala Lumpur?

Instead of describing what we saw, what better way than to publish the pictures, ya? So hold on, they are on the way :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

of newly married couples

One of our CF friends got married recently, and I have yet to pass her her gift. So I messaged her last night about meeting up. I also asked her how was married life, now that her dreams had finally come true.

Feeling rather tired after a long weekend, I left it at that, and went to sleep.

This morning, while driving, I checked my phone and saw that she had messaged me while I was in dreamland : "To really live together with someone u love and learn to love him n let him love n pamper me is a great feeling, is the blessing!"

While I was at work, Dr Ian messaged me. He was our CF advisor (I think he still is) in MMU, one very *interesting* character who used to push himself in the swivel chair from his table to where we sat during one of my Multimedia lectures.

He was trying to send a CFMMU logo that he created to our handphones, and asked me if I received it. So while we were talking about how he did it, it somehow went to the topic of marriage.

sarah: oooo

sarah: i tot u used ur hp to design

ianchai2: I downloaded a picture my wife sent me from her Nokia phone and then tested the result with her Nokia phone before I attempted the CFMMU one.

ianchai2: (I was making a love note picture for her originally )

ianchai2: Once I made the love note picture, I realized that I have the ability to make ANY picture that will fit in the size given!

sarah: fuiyo

sarah: so lomantic

ianchai2: So I thought it'd be nice to have a CFMMU logo picture.

ianchai2: Ya lor, I and my wife velly lomantik one what

ianchai2: People say we still pak thor even though 2 years married

ianchai2: She was feeling down last week so I thought I'd cheer her up with the custom-made picture.

ianchai2: So, once I figured it out, it was relatively easy to make other pictures.

sarah: wah

sarah: tats sweet of you :)

sarah: u're made for each other!

ianchai2: ;)

ianchai2: Actually we are not perfect. Many arguments and crying but always try to follow Bible teaching "Do not let the sun go down on your wrath"

ianchai2: Dr. James Dobson, Focus on the Family, tells us even the best marriages have arguments & fights

ianchai2: The way to have a good marriage is not that you don't have arguments and fights but HOW you deal with it

ianchai2: Forgiveness or resentment? That makes the difference

ianchai2: So the reason she sent me the picture SMS orginially was to say sorry for some hurtful things she said when she was upset.

ianchai2: Then she was sad for the things she said

ianchai2: So I made the love note picture to cheer her up

ianchai2: So: when you get married remember: what makes a good marriage is not that you never argue: but rather it is because you know how to forgive. In this particular case it was her but other times it was me. Since we have a policy to forgive each other, it works out in the end.

sarah: hehe...

sarah: :)

sarah: thanks for the advice

Tuesday, April 19, 2005

ever felt dumped on?

Several celebrities took time off to get photographed doused in milk, dumped with wheat and covered in chocolate sauce in support of the Make Trade Fair campaign by develpment, relief and campaigning organisation, Oxfam.

Ever Felt Dumped On?

The campaign coincides with the Global Week of Action and highlights unfair trade practices around the world that threatens the poor's ability to make a proper living. Click on each photo in the website where it describes what the specific trade the image depicts, and the countries that are affected.

Monday, April 18, 2005

the one with the CF reunion

If I say it was a fantabulous weekend, the rest of the gang who went up would agree with me. It has been awhile since we had such fun. Just being ourselves again.

CF hunks
MMUCF hunks giving their most macho look

For most of us, it time spent catching up with the people we knew in CF. There were some new faces also, from the newer batch. But when we had fun, there was no distinction between the seniors and the juniors. It was just us, the CF'ers.

I woke up aching all over and feeling sore, must've been the wall climbing. Could've been the cold also. It was raining. I dunno, but it was great fun nevertheless.

CF babes
MMUCF babes looking pretty in a row

Missing my CF days again.

ps : Oh, and we saw this on the way down :)

Dilarang Menjaja

Friday, April 15, 2005

reunion on a hill

Can't wait for tonight.

Our CF will finally have our reunion up in Genting for the weekend.

We've had a few reunions over meals before, but those weren't enough. A few hours was insufficient for all the catching up that everyone wants to do.

Like the one I went to last year, at least 60 people from 4 batches showed up. We practically filled the Swez Brasserie with our boisterous laughter and excited voices.

I only had time to catch up with most of the ones in my batch, and barely got re-acquainted with the juniors. Needless to say, most of us didn't get to properly sit down and have our dinner. Some of us were walking from one table to another, trying to rekindle relationships with as many people as possible.

So tonight we're all be driving up after work, heading towards the bright lights, looking forward to a refreshing weekend.

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

to kill an oily roach

My colleague roared with laughter when she heard about my encounter with the oily roach. She also couldn't believe that cockroaches drink oil. But then again, they eat anything in sight!

Another colleague gave a suggestion. Tie some pandan leaves and leave it near the door. How wonderful, an environmentally friendly way to ward off pesky pests without being a sadist!

That sounds so much better than running around with a can of insecticide spray or old slippers. I have had one too many late night exercises doing that. Trust me, it's no fun trying to go to sleep sweating and recovering from the shock of discovering a cockroach in the house.

If I was a (petite) beauty queen finalist, and asked what I'd do if I win the crown, I'd commit my life to getting rid of cockroaches from the face of the earth. The world would be a much better place to live in. :p

Monday, April 11, 2005

the oily roach

One of my favourite insects is the cockroach.

It never fails to amaze me how it can survive for so long, and scientists have claimed they even lived through the dinosaur age (correct me if I'm wrong!).

My heart skips a beat when I see a cockroach scurrying across the hallway or zipping by from one wall to another.

I have this love-hate relationship with the roach. I hate it because it's so vile and disgusting. You don't wanna know where it's been, but you know they aren't the most hygienic places on earth. I only love it when I (manage to successfully) whack it half dead and cut its feelers bit by bit.

Other than that, we have a mutual relationship. It bugs me by spreading germs all around the house, while I try my best to conquer my fear by killing them.

So last night, I was in the kitchen washing up the dishes when I noticed a certain flying object moving about among the bottles of sauces. I immediately recognised my favourite insect.

There was no way I could whack it while it was hiding among the bottles. Neither did I want to risk being charged of homicide should I start spraying insecticide in the kitchen area and lace everyone's food with additives.

I decided to leave it alone, for once. But not for long. I returned to the kitchen after that, and discovered to my surprise, the cockroach perched precariously at the edge of the sauce bowl, sipping oil!

Goodness, since when did cockroaches drink oil?! From the looks of it, it seemed like it was enjoying itself, gulping without a care in the world. I could almost see the oil level going down.

Then I had this brilliant idea. Sneak up on the cockroach and try to cover it with a plate, in the hopes that it would drown in the oil. Then throw the whole thing out altogether, and see my cockroach no more.

Just as I was about to drop the plate onto the bowl, the roach sensed my movement, got startled and quickly made an exit. Before I could do anything, the lights went off. It was a blackout, at the most unexpected time.

Damnit, the cockroach got away this time. Leaving a trail of oil for me to clean up.

I hope it dies of high cholesterol... heart attack... whatever!

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

callus me fingers

The skin on the tips of my fingers are begining to harden. I've almost forgotten how it feels like to press them against the strings of the guitar.

Funny how I ended up taking guitar lessons at Exemius. I wanted to join the vocal classes, but it was to be done in pairs. My first partner-to-be decided to hone her guitar skills, while my second partner was more interested in joining the professional vocal class instead.

So I thought about dance. Furthermore, some of my friends were looking for people to start the adult ballet. They needed at least 6 in the group. I was quite keen, after being able to dance to "Above All" back in uni. My CF friends and I who were in the dance were invited to perform for FGA's Easter celebrations that year. That must mean something, right? :D

Then later I found out that I needed to buy all sorts of gear for the dance classes. I certainly did not budget for leotards, tights and dance shoes.

In the end, I decided to re-learn guitar. I tell people that I stopped at F#major because I thought my fingers were too short to hold across the fret. Only later did I learn that I was trying on the classical guitar!

Now I'm crying while practicing on my dad's acoustic guitar. But I shan't be a crybaby. I tell myself that one day when I can play for missions trips and entertain myself when there is no piano around, I will be able to say with much pride, "it was worth the pain"!

Monday, April 04, 2005

the one with the alcoholic cake

I inadvertantly filled up the only free Sunday of the month by agreeing to replace a friend who couldn't do music duty last minute.

I was down with the cramps that got me wishing women didn't have to suffer like this.

I started my first guitar lessons and got rather excited at the prospect of re-learning that skill I picked up in uni.

I had sago in warm coconut milk on a balmy but windy Saturday, catching up with Irene over PC's and piracy.

I finally finished my Missions Philippines scrapbook after more than 1 year.

I had a good chat with Leo on how much MMU CF students have changed over the years.

I celebrated my mum's birthday at Victoria Station, and treated her to a most delicious cake from Bakerzine*.

I fell asleep Sunday night feeling very tired, but satisfied that I accomplished so many things. It's pure bliss falling asleep to the sounds of rain dancing on the roof.

And today, even though I arrived late at work, got a little wet from the drizzle, and feeling abit stressed out at crazy drivers, I'm feeling quite happy actually.

:) It's gonna be a good week.

*almond sponge soaked in strawberry liquor layered with pistachio butter cream and fresh whole strawberries