Sunday, February 22, 2015

EFSP eh?

I've gone through various personality tests that I wonder if any would actually mean anything valuable. So I was feeling a bit sceptical when I found this in my inbox, and surprise, from, of all people, Ms Barbie.

It gave quite an in-depth explanation of the personality type's strengths and weaknesses, and explored the areas of relationship, parenthood, career, friendships and workplace habits. I would say it's for the most part accurate, and I guess I have to work on how to balance the weaknesses against the strengths! Now, if I can find some time to reflect on the results... maybe on the plane this weekend?

Saturday, February 21, 2015

celebrating cny at kobe

Hope it's not too late to wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year! Just like another year in Japan, I'm missing out on the celebrations back home. No holidays here, furthermore had been a pretty busy week at work that I only managed to check all the wishes on Whatsapp last night!

But managed to squeeze in some sort of celebrations with the colleagues at 小審陽  a Chinese restaurant in Sannomiya. Apparently serving Shen Yang chinese food, it was pretty good compared to most Chinese food in Japan.

Seems pretty international this motley group from Singapore, the Philippines, Korea, Taiwan and Hong Kong. Most are Chinese ethnicity, and the rest I called them Chinese-wanna-be's who felt like celebrating Chinese New Year.

In the spirit of more eating and on the pretext of celebrating the 2nd day of CNY, had more food this evening. I thought why not, might as well have some nice food after a long day at work. I've never had so much yakiniku in my life until I came to Kobe! I bet my bro would love this, especially those of the wagyu variant.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

it's nice to be remembered

Just a few days ago, I received a message on my mobile from an unknown number. Upon looking at the pictures that had streamed through, I immediately recognised who it was. Seems like Ive Lagang is now in Italy, and still remembers me!

Didn't realise we took so many pictures together...

Trying to enjoy the Schiphol Airport cafe while waiting for our delayed flights...

I've never actually sat in one of these teacups even though I've snacked there a few times before my flight...

Guess it's more fun when you're with a (new) friend while trying to while away the time!

These pictures sure brought back memories of that chilly December in 2013, just as I was looking forward to going back to Japan, and thereafter home to Malaysia.

If I haven't mentioned it before, this is one of the better airports. Not that I've been everywhere enough to compare, but I like it enough to go there a bit early to enjoy the facilities and surroundings.

Tuesday, February 03, 2015

whom should i meet p2

During the unexpected Christmas dinner, Alex asked if we should catch up properly. I thought why not, he had been my sorta-mentor during some down times in Niigata and Tokyo, and he was one of the few respected family in Christ whom I trusted.

Would be great to kill 2 birds with stone, since the next day was Sunday, and I'd need to attend church anyways. Plus ACTS was a church where a lot of my uni friends were still attending. I was hoping I could catch up with a bunch of other people there too.

Surprisingly, he had introduced 2 more friends, Pam the Singaporean and her neighbour-friend Bernard from the US. I hardly expect to make new friends when I'm back to be honest. My days are usually packed with appointments with old and current friends!

So was nice we even went out for lunch after service. It's funny how I have not tried Thai Thai, quite a superb restaurant at Sunway Pyramid. Of course, how can I not order the real coconut juice. And stuff myself with South East Asian food.

Later found out that Bernard used to study and live in Kansai for about 7 years and speak fluent Japanese. And we have mutual friends here in Kobe, what a small world.

The pastor's message that morning was quite relevant, being the last Sunday of the year. He talked about things having an expiry date, even bad days and tough circumstances. How insightful, as I looked back at the challenging year that was 2014. Even more so when that day itself we got news that the AirAsia plane QZ8501 had disappeared.

Sunday, February 01, 2015

whom i should meet p1

My trip back home this time was a little different from the years before. I didn't manage to meet some of the people I wanted to, or would usually do. On the other hand, I was pleased that I was able to catch up with old friends whom I have not met for some time.

I did pray that He would guide me to whom I should meet, where I should be, and what I should be doing this time around.

Throughout last year, I've been thinking what I should be getting for loved ones back home. I didn't want to repeat the mad rush of Christmas shopping just a day before flying, and fretting out if I got enough gifts for everyone.

Since I'm not such a sports person, I thought it a waste that I wasn't enjoying the benefits of our company's products.

I decided to ask around my marathon friends if they were interested in any shoes. From my personal experience, they are good and worth the price, even if it's premium. One of the persons who responded was Eric. He wanted to be the first in Malaysia to own a Kayano 21. Speaking about being kiasu!

I was delighted that the Japan site was offering free gift wrapping and delivery due to the upcoming holiday period. It came nicely and carefully packed; again thumbs up Japanese quality of service and delivery.

The Christmas gathering that he invited me over turned out to be such a mix bag of surprises. I managed to meet up with Alex whom I have not spoken in years, a little since we 3 did Run Nat together. Bumped into Sam, didn't know he knew both of them! He was the one who consoled me when I lost Granma Wong while in Tokyo, especially when I was still new there. And towards the end of the evening, we had the pleasure of hearing how Eric had just proposed to his fiancee that day itself. Plus many new friends I made who were curious about my life in Japan.