Tuesday, August 18, 2015

the one that circulates

I have been putting off getting a fan because I wasn't sure how long I'd be in Japan. Mainly because I didn't want to spend on something that would take up unnecessary space, and perhaps I could train myself to withstand the heat.

Coming into my 3rd year, I realised the electricity bill could be reduced, especially with increasing hikes that came with the Jap government's nuclear policies. I searched all over Amazon Japan and finally found something which was compact and affordable.

It's named an air circulator, because apparently you can tilt it in different angles to improve the indoor circulation. When you put it facing upwards near an air-cond, it will divert the cool air around the room.

Of course you can have it straight at you, and it will do the job of a regular fan.

It comes with a dust guard filter, which makes it difficult to get dirty.

Another reason to clean the portable heater, and to store it back into the closet when warmer days are here. I like how they both come in colours matching to most of my furniture. And I can sleep better with cool circulated air, rather than dry air-conditioned chills.

Now why didn't I get one when I first came?!