Saturday, December 09, 2006

first snow 初雪

Thought I'd share some pictures of my first snow here. I know, I'm such a big grrl already and I haven't seen snow fall before! But still, it was so magical, the first few times, that is.

It started last Saturday, if I'm not mistaken. Everyone was just tired preparing for the finals. I had just gotten back with my friends after a fun day shopping for good winter clothes and some hot steaming bowl of ramen.

On our way back, it rained and since everyone was talking about snow, we also thought that was snow. But it was too pale and "dilute" to look like snow. Later in the night as we got busy with our presentation rehearsals and whatnots, the flakes came afalling down.

So beautiful! I couldn't take much pictures in the dark, but the place looked really lovely the next morning. A layer of snow had covered the campus and everyone was out either taking pictures or trying to whitewash each other.

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