Wednesday, May 27, 2015

for all the desert weeks

Even though I have been going back to KBF, I'm still treading gingerly in the premises. I know it's beginning to sound ridiculous but I just don't want a repeat of what had happened one Sunday when I thought the coast was clear.

It was an unexpected bouquet of blessings : meeting up with a long-lost Pinoy brother, saying hello to dear Akari, getting compliments from Dora on my already-worn-out shoes, being invited for the home team meeting, enjoying Russian food made with love, and getting organic cake for dessert.

Oh, I was asked if I'd like to serve in the music ministry.

Monday, May 11, 2015

the many many blossoms

I had returned to KBF after a hiatus of almost 2 months. It was nice to see familiar faces again, and also pleasant to meet up with the missions team from NLRC Malaysia after almost 2 years. The last time was when I had just came to Kobe and looking for a church.

Some had asked what I have been up to. It's nice to know that people ask these sort of questions, but also at the same time they don't bug you about it.

It all started with the hanami season, and plenty of reasons to be out and about. Like when I took one Monday off to enjoy the beautiful weather and had some drawing-blessing time with Dora.

And because it was getting cold towards the evening, I suggested we could continue back at my place while sipping lovely tea and share some chocs I got for White Day. I know some people get offended if their recipient share their gifts, but I can't finish all these chocs by myself and what's the point if I can't share some blessings especially with those who appreciate such things too.

Come Easter weekend, the sakura was either at full bloom or about to fall off branches, but still was nice to catch some last glimpses.

And what better way to celebrate the Saturday before Easter by having some apple pie-flavoured Easter-themed Kit Kat bars. It's quite hard to see, but they actually imprinted bunny ears on the wafer coating. My friends thought these Kit Kats had some defect because they didn't have the divider in the middle all the way to the bottom!

How can I forget the time when I went all the way to Osaka to collect my Milo and gifts from mum meet Fong Jiao who was on assignment for the next few months. Had the pleasure to meet her fellow researcher Jah, my first encounter with a Thai Christian. I had to drag Fong Jiao to enjoy the early cherry blossom blooms and some local sights during her short stint here. After all, it's the best time to be in Japan.

So, these are not really the reasons I was missing from KBF to be honest. Just wanted to show off the wonderful time spent outdoors. No regrets taking off, and thankful I had all these opportunities to appreciate His beautiful creations.