Monday, April 16, 2012

over the moon

my unknown dream came true! well, my "known" dream has been to travel around the world. i thought i'd seen a lot during my stay in japan, but mostly around the asia pacific region.

last year marked a significant journey with trips to known paradise island bali, new countries such as thailand, and to new continents altogether in north america and the middle east. most were unplanned trips, and looking back i'm truly grateful that although it was a tumultuous time i could see that these were truly blessings from above.

so with this business trip, it was rather unexpected. when i see friends and colleagues go on working assignments overseas i had sometimes wished i would get a chance too, but wouldn't have been disappointed if i didn't get it.

i was interviewed for the role some 2 weeks earlier, but even with the 2nd round, it wasn't really confirmed until a few days ago. so it was last minute arrangement with visa, flight and accommodation when the team lead fell sick.

i didn't even dare to tell many people, except for those my being away will impact them. like very very close people! you might know that i don't really announce my overseas trips, it's like i have a principle not to jinx my trip until it really happens. meaning when i'm already on the plane, flying over the oceans and finally arriving at my destination safe and sound. >.<

i tried to keep my expectations as low as possible, despite hearing from people who've been here, done this and that.

so, i was blown away and very impressed with what i'm getting so far. of course, with little to no expectations, i'm a pretty much over the moon at the moment.

it's not a holiday, and i have training at night, with regular consulting hours before that. but the little luxuries help. i'll share a bit more on another post, as i have to dash off for my online course but i'll leave a little pic from my mobile.


ee said...


SiowLan-Ally said...

The clue on the picture is Mandarin Oriental but it is not good enough.1 hr after waking up and travelling in the train on a gloomy and rainy Friday morning also doesn't help me in breaking the clue.just tell la where you going this time :p

§nóflèk said...

Siowlan-Ally : actually the clue was also in the post - the location is stated at the end :) finally got the chance to post a follow up story on where I'm staying. I'm now in Picasso, not so pampering, but I think still quite good for a serviced apartment :)