Tuesday, September 15, 2015

options on a platter

Some months ago, when my bigger boss was in Kobe he asked for some impromptu time with me. I started forming project updates in my head and imagined what questions he might have for me. There were some projects which weren't progressing as well as scheduled but I had my points ready just in case.

I was surprised when he started drawing on the board of the various systems and ongoing projects. I put my laptop aside and started to pay attention.

After some time of explaining, I realised he was sharing with me upcoming projects and the possibility of moving into one (or more) of them. Some would involve mobility to another city, and even country.

I thought it was all very fascinating, being able to choose and have some say in what I would like to do next. I think the others don't have that as much, possibly because I have dealt with most regions to a certain degree and my skills are quite transferable.


I wish it was that simple; like this platter of hors dóeuvre. Just choose a little bit of everything, take it in a bite at a time and then move on to something else. Once you've gobbled it down, you don't have to think about it anymore. Except for how good (or bad) it was. Because after that you get distracted by the salad, and the pasta, the pizza and the main dish, and the dessert.

* On a side note, this was my first time going to a Michelin rated restaurant. Someone told me that Japan, and even in fact Tokyo itself, has the most number of Michelin-rated restaurants compared to anywhere else in the world. Though it's rated Bib Gourmand, I think it was still very lovely and worth its entry.

L'aranceto is located in a quiet part of the Kitano area which boasts one of the best, if not the best Kobe beef steak restaurant around. To be honest, it looked rather unassuming at first from the outside, but the modest interior is just a front for some fine Italian cuisine in a cosy setting.




Tuesday, September 08, 2015

finally some fireworks

Actually I realised, I'm entering into my 4th year in Kobe! Even though I did not post up pictures here of the previous fireworks, this event is quite memorable because it always remind me of when I first moved here.

The first was with Yuri and Lucinda who also just moved to Kobe, so it was very exciting because (almost) everything was new. We were just here 1 week and already there was something to look forward to.

The 2nd year I won the department lottery to enjoy fireworks from the top floors of NTT's building. It was a treat because they prepared a very elegant bento box, set up the viewing area, and even sent us off with premium peaches.

I decided to give it a rest the 3rd year as it has been a tiring weekend. After all, how different could the fireworks be this time.

Come the 4th year, I was about to do the same, but because Sute-chan was new to Kobe, I thought I'd play the role of gracious host. We found quite a lovely view from the Kitano Club. We weren't allowed to enter, but the climb up the slope was worth it.

I wonder, what the 5th year would bring... if there was one?!

Wednesday, September 02, 2015

just luggages, you would think

I took a deeper look as I was standing at the carousel waiting for my luggage. It's true what I heard, the handles of the bags are pointed onwards. Not just some, but really, all of them. I confirmed as I looked at the bags that came out and went along the conveyor belt.

Another classic example of Japanese thoughtfulness. You don't really notice because it's such a small thing. But when you take a moment to observe, you start to appreciate it. Just like many other things in life. Small, but makes a difference.