Sunday, March 20, 2016

in love with You

Trying to reflect on His love even as Easter draws near... and in light of recent circumstances. It's been long overdue anyways, and a keen reminder of His patience and mercy.

There's nothing like a shake-up of the things that you thought would be there forever, to get you out of your comfort zone and cling on to the One who is constant.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016


I received this last year on my birthday, and was both amused and flattered. Thinking it was more for my personal perusal, I kept it to myself. However, having a deeper appreciation later I felt it was due for sharing...

The extremely rare Sarah (hypothesized pronunciation: Śærãh), initially from the tropical regions of Malaysia.

The Sarah is not yet fully understood by most humans, but is said to have a wide span of interest in many things and impressive set of capabilities comparing to other homo sapiens, having supreme features and traits.

The Sarah is said to be of such uniqueness and extreme rarity that there is only one on Earth, with no more than one recorded sighting ever.

The Sarah is definitely a nocturnal creature, often feeling hunger and wanders around at night. It is suggested that the Sarah has traversed many continents and corners of the world, but is most likely currently residing somewhere in the southeast region of Asia according to recent reports.

With a keen interest in variants of Cocoa drinks, Milo seem to in many cases be Her prime source of food intake, although having a preferred approach for as much variety as possible and careful considerations in order to have “a balanced meal”.

Furthermore, the Sarah seem to often be prepared with other various kinds of snacks at arms distance, should a situation in Her daily habitat not allow for a proper and well cooked dish.

Should you find yourself to be in any kind proximity (virtual, physical or any other imaginary form) to the Sarah, great caution must be taken. For as soon as She shows but one minuscule part of Her individuality you will be lost forever, captured by Her unparalleled charisma, sharp intellect, otherworldly presence and enchanting beauty on multiple levels.

The Sarah may “capture” any mind it so desires, consciously or passively (by simply being in proximity one way or another), but has the most kind soul and wishes good upon the world.


*Photo credit to Wiki (which I later found out!)

Sunday, March 06, 2016

of birds, butterflies and the gallant horse

Not knowing how I'd cope after sending Sute-chan off, I invited Dora over for dinner. It's been some time since I met up with her, and I thought a little catching up would be good.

I made some simple kurma chicken served with rice, she brought over pasta salad and choc crackers. I decided to let her try Oyundari's leftover Mozart Chocolate Cream and the remainder Sawanotsuru umeshu from Sute-chan.

It was quite fun trying to learn each other's recipes and pairing liquor with food. I tell people here that alcohol is usually reserved for special occasions, and that we don't have a drinking culture in Malaysia. While I think I've grown more adventurous with trying out various cocktails, I don't think I'll ever match the levels of the Japanese and Koreans, or even Brits and Aussies!

Thankfully the highlight of the evening was our exchanging stories and prayers for each other. Her gift of revelation and warm touch while laying hand on me was something I noted down in my journal. I was glad my struggles past year had given her some encouragement for her current situation. If it was any help to her, I'd be so grateful to have learnt some lessons through my own trials.

Friday, March 04, 2016

respite from whirlpool

The past few weeks have been quite a mix bag of emotions. The whole team whom I'm seated and working with, have left for Tokyo one by one.

It was quite a relief on one hand because I would get a little break from the continuous high-stress level and how it affected some team members. On the other hand, this was the team that ate and played together; being the pioneer member I felt a little sad I wouldn't be able to join them on more adventures.

I was glad though that Sute-chan was the last to leave. We managed to sneak in some krazy but fun things in the remaining days, and I tried my best to busy myself with helping out so that I wouldn't feel it. However, it really hit me on the last day. The sending off was especially difficult.

All the whirling activities came to a stop, and it felt so surreal being alone. It's like everyone resigned leaving me with the whole table to myself now.

Not sure if it's because of the farewell note from Sute-chan (to the division to "please take care of Sarah :)"), but some colleagues were nice enough to ask if I was okay. Tomomi asked if I'd like to move over to her table, Waka suggested we have a meal together, and Seb invited me to go up to their department to chill.

I just need to appreciate this new-found peace and quiet. Who knows I may be sucked into another whirpool and then I'd wish I took advantage of this momentary pause.