Wednesday, June 14, 2006

random shots of niigata


ごめんね for the lack of new posts. So much has happened! Need to update and post up tonnes pictures. It can get quite tiring having to upload images, captioning them, and also create stories for my blog. Especially when one is trigger happy and finds much opportunities to snap away in this foreign land. Heh.

Posting up some of those random shots I took while I find time to write proper posts ya. Since the area I'm staying at is akin to PJ's SS17 for the UIA students, there are lots of apartments for students. They have neat looking rooms, or studios as my friend WeiMun aptly calls them, but unfortunately, their attempt to give the apartments an English flavour sometimes end up disastrously.

That is my いんかん or seal which I got from the university's International Support Centre. Japanese use the inkan for all official documents just like how we sign our signature for verification or as proof of identity. When we first arrived in Japan, there was quite a bit of problem because we didn't have an inkan with us. To register for our room, bank account, post office account, etc, we needed the inkan. Thank goodness, some accepted the romaji form of our name.

For those who are familiar with Japanese food, they're all into presentation and display. But I'm not saying they're not delicious though! Like these array of fake food I saw in one of the restaurants in Niigata city, they look good enough to be eaten. I guess it's quite normal to display plastic versions of their food coz even in our uni's cafeteria, they have them as well.

And while I was up in this building, I took the opportunity to go up to the top most floor just to have a view of the city. The place where I live is considered suburban coz there are farms just within walking distance. But about a half an hour's drive away is the city of Niigata, quite a bustling place I must say. Not as ulu as I first thought it to be. They have Isetan and Mistukoshi as well. Beautiful grrly things, but definitely too expensive for me to buy any!

Speaking of which, departmental stores have like 3 floors just for the ladies, as opposed to one each for the ladies, gents, children, and etcetera. I noticed that fashion is a big industry here. Especially for the women. In fact, in Niigata there is an underground shopping plaza called Rosa running across the main area of Furumachi, and they sell nothing but women's clothings and accessories! Shopping haven, eh? Too bad, no money lah. :p

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