Wednesday, April 22, 2009

konan and gokusen

I've been addicted to Konan the Detective and Gokusen recently. First it was the manga that I borrowed from the Goto's, then when my brother introduced me to the online version, I started reading them every night. Since I was already a fan of Sherlock Holmes, Konan quickly became my favourite.

The initial motivation for reading the Japanese manga was to improve my Japanese, but because it contained a lot of colloquial words and the kanji was too tiny to read on the train, I decided the online translated version was way easier. So, ya, that defeats the purpose of wanting to read it in the first place. But then, rather than struggle to get past the first 10 pages of chapter 1 of the paperback, in a week, I've read past the 100th chapter online.

Just when I was riding on that momentum to finish all 600+ chapters within these few months, Au recommended a J-dorama. I've never really watched Japanese dramas unless it's recommended. Gokusen started like a boring predictable new-high-school-teacher-assigned-worst-delinquent-class series, and I was tempted to return to Konan. However, because of its funny storyline and touching scenes, I've been glued to the laptop for hours on end now.

Suddenly I have had a newfound interest in Japanese manga and dramas, so much so that I even googled the stories and read all about the characters, actors and reviews available online. This is rather strange, considering I should have either done this way back before I came to Japan, or when I first arrived here.

I never quite understood why my brother was wasting his time so fascinated with all these. He must have read tonnes of manga comic books and watched DVDs of anime all these years. But now that I find myself in his seat, stuck to the screen and following episodes after episodes of J-dorama, I can already relate to the lure and appeal of this new hobby!

Now, excuse me while I get back to Gokusen. Shin is hawt! (I can't believe I sound like a high school grrl now...) (*^-')/

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