Saturday, September 18, 2010


I'm kinda proud of the fact that the centre we set up for our client is now growing as a result of the plans and processes that we have put in place. The original plan was to have us roll off in March, but they kept extending our contract.

We have had dozens of new people join the centre so far, and to see the place transform from almost nothing except our core team of 6 to one that spans the whole floor is what I akin to giving birth. I have been involved in almost every piece of the process that brings people in and to help them in their transition in the new place.

I know every person by name, which division they belong to, which line manager they report to, and almost even memorised their birthdays personal details because I had to double triple check their on-boarding forms.

Maxim's de Paris

Almost as soon as they start in their new positions, they have to fly off overseas for work. With that came lotsa goodies from all over the world. We've had Macadamia nuts from Melbourne, mini bars of Mars and Snickers from America, and various confectionery and sweets from Europe. 

Sometimes I do envy these people. They get to travel business class, get allowance to spend on shopping, and bring back toiletry sets from airplanes and hotels. Plus extra stamps on their passport.

Sweets from Qatar Airways

But they tell me it's no fun travelling for work. I've never travelled on company expense, and can only imagine how it must be to stress out for a meeting with people you've never met before, adjusting to time differences while still having to deliver, and having little time for leisure.

So I'll just savour the candies they bring back!

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