Wednesday, May 23, 2012

roti man

Just thought I'd pay a tribute to the roti man. The roti man's distinctive horn can be heard streets away, alerting the neighbourhood of its presence.

After having being away and appreciating some of our country's unique heritage, I find myself halting the roti man even if I don't really need bread then. I'd get some junk food for my bro instead!

These days when most people prefer the convenience of hypermarkets, I wonder if the roti man makes enough money on his rounds.

The other day when I happened to be at home when the roti man passed by, I told my mum, let's just get some bread. If no one buys bread from him, he'll disappear from the streets and from our sights.


classyadele said...

So do u have a buku 555 too? Lol

§nóflèk said...

wah, my team lead was just mentioning about the buku555 the other day. she wanted to get us the bubble gum that you stick onto a little straw, just to see who can blow it.