Friday, July 27, 2012

of death and taxes

They say there are 2 things which are certain in life : death and taxes. How true.

Had to go back and forth my ex-company's payroll dept and the tax dept to clear any outstanding tax issues before they can release my last salary. A couple who just migrated to Canada told me you would not be allowed to leave the country if not done properly.

Another grrl who went to Singapore managed to get it done even after she left the country. All I hoped for was that they don't make a fuss about any of the items I claimed rebate for (which was not much anyways), and allowed me to receive the refunds.

It's still not settled yet, still have to drop by the office tomorrow, apparently the PCB from the company was not received by the tax dept for a couple of the months, so looks like I won't get my refund that soon.

Oh well, at least there's a bit of relief there, that can cover the laptop I just bought >.<

I'm not even migrating, but the things on my to-do list make it look like I am! I'm tired of having to explain why these 2 weeks have been so busy for me that I have yet to start packing. Some things in life just have to be experienced to be understood :)

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