Wednesday, August 29, 2012

little blessings

I've wandered around on my own at every opportunity possible, just to get to know the neighbourhood and explore its surroundings. During those times it was that God has shown me glimpses of Him providing for me.

Like the time I wanted something warm and non-Japanese for dinner, and found this little Korean dining restaurant in the basement of a building opposite the Sannomiya train station. The shop was called Onma, and looked like it was run by a mother-and-son team.

Seeing that I must have liked her bibimpa, which was specially requested since it was not on the menu, she gave extra serving of kimchi and some soup. Or maybe I don't know it's already on the menu, and that these little stuff are part of the meal!

My colleague must have noticed me looking hot (yes literally!) during the Japanese summer that she gave me a Japanese uchiwa after the welcome dinner.

With Japan on energy-saving mode after the tsunami-nuclear reactor fiasco, companies are toning down on the use of electricity by switching off the lights during lunch time, raising the temperature of the aircond in the office, and encouraging employees to dress a little more casually.

Just as I was walking along an almost obscure shopping street near the station, I noticed 2 of my favourite brands next to each other! This wasn't out in the open with the more popular shopping malls, so I would have missed this if not me wandering into this lane. Though it was already 9pm and most shops have closed, I managed to sneak in to get a bra top that I needed for the weather!

Ikea is just one stop away from the office on the Port Island. Again, trying to get some non-Japanese food, I decided to drop by Ikea for dinner. Thank goodness for standardisation of global companies - they have the same layout that forced a very hungry me to walk through the maze of store display before rewarding me with the trademark Swedish meatballs in gravy and lingonberry!

At least I found some ideas on how to decorate my place since I'll be stopping by here again to look for furniture.

During one of those work days in which I got hungry (again!), and wanted something non-Japanese (again!),  I found a nice little cafe selling Japanese style pasta and pizza. I may gawk and avoid Chinese food in Japan, but they manage to come up with really delicious Italian food here.

Since I was soooo hungry and tired that day, I totally forgot that I had almost no $ left in my purse. Since I had to obey my hunger, in I went and happily enjoyed what was called the Kamakura pizza.

Just when I went to the counter did I realise I should have loaded my purse with more Yens. The waitress had to accompany me to the nearest ATM machine to withdraw some money. I was about to head home to get some as I wasn't sure the Shinsei Bank account had enough. It's been 3 years, I forgot how much Yen I had left in the account!

Thank God it had a little more than enough, and the waitress was kind enough to chit chat with me all the way back. Plus point for their food and service, I'll be coming back for more!

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