Wednesday, November 27, 2013

next up, the pine for dining

Sometimes it's a good thing tackling something difficult first, because the next one would be so much easier. My Malaysian friend Zadli said he took up Chinese because it made learning Japanese a little bit easier! I'm embarrassed being Chinese >.<

Anyways, now that I've gotten the TV rack done with, I got so excited I started clearing out some other old stuff and boxes which had been lying around - yes, including the box which had served me well as a table all these while.

I chose a foldable low table because that would save me some space when the occasion required. Also, living in a studio like this meant I can't have a proper dining table with chairs. So Japanese style, sitting on the floor :)

This was a piece of cake compared to the TV rack. Just needed to figure out how to fold and unfold the table. Seriously, when I first attempted this before building the TV rack, I couldn't get it working. But after the rack, I somehow developed an understanding of furniture instructions sheet and suddenly managed to get the legs standing upright.

What a great feeling to be able to eat on a proper table I wondered what took me so long to get this! 

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