Tuesday, December 31, 2013

christmas in kobe

Just a glimpse of the early Christmas celebrations and festivities in Kobe...

Was a little tiring having to make the cards and wrap the presents the night before, and then waking up earlier than usual to cook, but I guess it's been some time since I got myself busy and creative~

It's fun when everyone else has also put in equally much effort, if not more, to celebrate Christmas together at Soga cafe. Only managed to get some shots of Yumiko with her lovely creations. She was the perfect hostess with Christmas decor all put up, and even had time to roast a chicken, make seafood paella and baked potatoes all presented very nicely. Made me wish I could have done more than just curry chicken >.<

Our last bible study gathering was back at the Crillo cafe, too bad Ako-san couldn't join us. Erike gave away gifts, while we had already gotten handmade ones from Dora few weeks earlier. I'm planning to get something Malaysian for them when I get some time this week!

Some of the illumination put up near the Sannomiya station and shopping malls for the festive season.

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