Monday, April 07, 2014

of spring birthdays

I had meant to share a little more about the blessed birthday celebrations I've had this year, but since it coincided with some sad news from home, I decided to lie low for awhile. I haven't even logged into FB to reply back to all my friends who wished me happy birthday.

I was just thinking 8 March is significant not only personally it's my birthday (yay!), but also it's International Women's Day. 6 years ago, I missed the election tsunami that almost overturned the ruling party and this year even though I'm away I have been following closely the baffling case of the missing MH370.

So in the meantime I made collages of the various birthday cakes, presents and makan-makan throughout March, as a way to immortalise those special moments. Lots have happened last month, starting with the ski trip, me recovering in time for my birthday, and then just before I could enjoy the gifts had to go off on a business trip, then came back for more treats.

Of course March also signifies the end of winter as the weather gets a little warmer. Even McD's is celebrating spring with their special sakura fizzy drink, and sakura burger special menu. I have not tried the cherry blossom burger but apparently the bun is fluffy pinkish and sakura flavoured, while the patty is topped with creamy pink sakura mayo!

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