Tuesday, September 08, 2015

finally some fireworks

Actually I realised, I'm entering into my 4th year in Kobe! Even though I did not post up pictures here of the previous fireworks, this event is quite memorable because it always remind me of when I first moved here.

The first was with Yuri and Lucinda who also just moved to Kobe, so it was very exciting because (almost) everything was new. We were just here 1 week and already there was something to look forward to.

The 2nd year I won the department lottery to enjoy fireworks from the top floors of NTT's building. It was a treat because they prepared a very elegant bento box, set up the viewing area, and even sent us off with premium peaches.

I decided to give it a rest the 3rd year as it has been a tiring weekend. After all, how different could the fireworks be this time.

Come the 4th year, I was about to do the same, but because Sute-chan was new to Kobe, I thought I'd play the role of gracious host. We found quite a lovely view from the Kitano Club. We weren't allowed to enter, but the climb up the slope was worth it.

I wonder, what the 5th year would bring... if there was one?!

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