Sunday, June 08, 2014

the round papaya in the fridge

These days, my weekends feel richer. For a long time they have been filled with Japanese classes, Bible Study and church - not always all 3, but more or less.

Since I have little me-time on weekdays, I cherish my weekends because it's the only time I get to do house work and do me-stuff. There's also the occasional gatherings, birthday stuff, outings and playing host to friends, but were always planned in advance.

Recently, however, my weekends have been somewhat thrown into a disarray - Even though I have more different/new things crammed into the tiny hours, and I am tired at the end of it, but I kinda like it!

Like last weekend, out of the blue, Akari-san decided to drop by Sunday afternoon as I was making lunch. She brought some surprise goodies - A mango from Thailand, a round papaya from the Philippines, and a Vietnamese-inspired tomyam pho cup noodle. How South East Asian!

I couldn't help but give her a big big hug (from small small me). Words can't describe how loved I felt, knowing she wanted to make me feel better, and took the trouble to make sure I was okay. Everytime I open the fridge and see the ripening papaya, I break into a little smile.


Anonymous said...

do u work late on week days?

§nóflèk said...

@anonymous well i try to leave the office around 8, so that i don't have dinner too late...