Wednesday, June 16, 2004

queer (not!) eye for the straight guy

Staring into the PC for hours at end, day after day has rendered my eye... not useless, but I think it's not as good as it was. I can proudly say that I had perfect vision before I discovered the many wonderful things you can do with a PC. Well, there was a PC in our house, but we only did stuff like spreadsheets, simple document, basic DOS... who am I kidding? Most of the time my brother and I would be there playing games! Those were the days of Lemming, Prince of Persia and PacMan. :D

Anyways, I noticed my vision wasn't as sharp as before. Found some simple eye exercies that I could do. I did think of getting glasses, but didn't want to depend so much on it. I heard that if you were to take them out and wear 'em once in awhile, it could get worse. There are also people whose eyesight has gotten better after wearing 'em. But I figured, since the power ain't that high, I can still do something about it. Don't think the intelligent specky look is for me lar.

So there I was sitting in my cubicle. I was looking at the furthest point in the office and then back to the newspapers on my desk, back to the end of the room and forth and so on. This was to avoid having short-sightedness due to much staring at the monitor.

I was trying to make out the letterings on the door of the meeting room when I noticed the guy from the next department looking back at me. I was a little startled, then looked elsewhere to give him the impression that I was not staring at him. It occurred to me that since he was sitting in the front cubicle, maybe he must've thought I was admiring him. All those staring and staring. Gasp! Just about 15 degrees to the left (this is an approximate angle as calculated by my intelligent mind hehe) of the letterings I was trying to make out, was where he was sitting.

I didn't give much thought to that incident. I continued my eye exercises, with my eyes making squares, figure 8's, the diagonal lines in the British flag and even doing them with my eyes closed. A few times I caught myself staring through him, but actually I was really looking at the letterings. The words "Meeting Room" was a bit blur, but sometimes on good days I can see it quite clearly. This is surely an improvement. What the heck if he thinks I'm admiring him :P

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