Thursday, February 14, 2008

blog bites 080214

1) After reading Charis' and Eewei's blogs about CNY, I feel more and more un-Chinese! I almost forgot about CNY until family & friends called from home to wish me. So ya, no CNY posts here.

2) However, I did have an enjoyable time skiing for the past 2 weekends. I only realised how blessed I am to be able to do that, coz even some friends from other 4-season countries don't have that kinda facilities even though there's snow there too.

3) I just went for my 3rd visit to the dentist today. Realised that I was on a root canal treatment during the 2nd visit, and found out that i have SIX more visits to go! Why do things like these in Japan take forever? My M'sian friend had 13 treatments for his root canal!! And the best part is, my insurance doesn't cover this. I've already forked out Y10,000, Y5,000 and Y2,000 for the past 3 weeks. And oh, the dentist doesn't speak English, so I've had to use my electronic dictionary along on all visits.

4) Today is Valentine's Day. I thank God for my darling family & friends. Even though you are all back home, I still think about you every now and then, missing you and wishing I was at home instead. But I also thank God I am here, a place where many are trying to get a job and earn a living. No, I'm not here for the money coz I don't think it's that worth it :)

5) Planning to have a belated CNY + Valentine's + housewarmingII party this weekend. Already invited some friends, but don't know if I'm in the mood to actually pull it off! :D But I should. So let me go off and plan what to cook this time around :)

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