Wednesday, February 27, 2008

pwetty sea bream

Even though there are things that annoy me about this country, I know I will miss certain things when I leave Japan. One of them is their packaging and how everything looks so pretty and presentable. Of course, I do not advocate using unnecessary material just for presentation sake if they are going to be thrown away without being used.

Japan has long known that this is the cause of the ridiculous amount of rubbish thrown out every year. That's why they implemented a rule to separate garbage. Each prefecture, and even district have their own arrangement as to how this is done. I had a poster near my door when I was living in an apartment in Niigata, and 2 separate bins to remind me. Here in Tokyo, I have 3 bins. Even though it was a hassle in the beginning but it's a habit I wish Malaysians would cultivate too.

But having said that, here are some pictures of ordinary looking items which might have just been packaged in a simple plastic bag back home, but given the extra touch here in Japan.

An aquamarine coloured box with a simple fishy on the top, given as an omiyage* from Akiko.

The front side, with "Sea Bream" written on it. Brand is probably Bluno (or Bruno?!) What could be inside, I thought. Sushi??

Ah, like those biscuits we eat during Chinese Mooncake Festival. How cute.

One of those fishy in an elegant box. It might have gotten a less royal treatment if it wasn't in Japan.

I ate off the head of the fish. I must've missed Fish Head Curry when I did this. Inside the sea bream, there was some creamy custard-like sauce. Nothing spectacular actually Quite yummy. The packaging made it even more yummy. It is said that the Japanese eat with their eyes.

*omiyage - momento or keepsake, usually candies or edibles brought back to be shared with colleagues. Omiyage are sold everywhere in Japan, making it a big business, especially in this culture of "giri", or obligation.

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