Monday, June 30, 2008

slimmer than slim

I was just telling Eewei that there is no way I will be able to gain weight while I'm in Japan. Well, I did put on 6kg in my first half of the year shortly after arriving in Niigata, but I was living my dreams of being a student on full scholarship and had nothing much to worry except to improve on my Japanese skills. That also meant I travelled much and ate lots of good food too!

But after coming to Tokyo to work, without the luxury of a car and having to walk everywhere and carry everything on my own, coupled with the stress of a hectic job, I lost some of the weight I had happily gained 2 years before. Of course, no one here said anything. In fact I look just like any of the Japanese you see on the street.

Still, I remembered when I had gained that 6kg, some people said I looked good, and I myself thought I should maintain this weight. But alas, Japanese food is so tasteless oil-less, fat-free and non-greasy, there is no way I can gain back that weight. The other reason was also, I fed myself lots of self-concocted dishes that I had creatively learnt while living on my own. And since I hated to waste food, I had to finish up whatever experiments I tried on myself. However, I don't have the luxury of time to do that anymore.

Whereas, if I was living in say, a Western country like she is, then I don't even have to try hard to gain weight.

Me: Too bad I'm not in UK like you. Ppl here live on healthy food. And NO ONE calls me skinny here! So I don't feel bad about being skinny!

Eewei: Haha...well, no one calls me fat here! So I don't feel bad about being fleshy!

Me: Hahaha.. so we're meant to be where we are!

Eewei: Haha.. that's the first time I see it that way! But yeah! I feel so good about myself here, because I'm in the slim & petite category!

Me: HAHAH! You, slim & petite?

Eewei: Yeahhh.. never ever in Malaysia, man!

Me: Well, if you're slim & petite, what am I??

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