Sunday, June 01, 2008

afternoon naps on a rainy day

Just got home after having dinner & drinks at my ex-housemate's new pad. Adam finally invited us over to his new apartment, and I must say it looked pretty good. Or maybe because he actually cleaned up the place, and he has new Ikea-ish furniture.

After having some good take-away Indian curry with naan and rice, we were just chilling out over vodka and oolong tea. It's a good thing I had a nap in the afternoon earlier. Something I haven't done for a long time. In fact, since I started working, I have been pretty disciplined in not having afternoon naps.

Having grown up with naps, it's something I MUST have. Just like Milo (yes, I have at least 1 cup a day!). So it was something I missed coz even back in my previous company in Malaysia, we took little naps just after lunch. Power naps, they say. Such a refreshing thing coz you know how filling Malaysian dishes can be. Especially on Fridays.

Of course I continued this habit very much when I came to do my postgraduate. With gaps in between classes, what better way to fill them than to take short naps. If not for naps, I would have started daydreaming and looking out the window at the snow, or the faraway mountains.

Anyways, today was one of the very rare times I actually took a nap. Coz I'm trying to instill a habit of NOT napping so that I can make do without them. But since I woke up early for my Japanese class and didn't go back until late afternoon after my appointment with the hairdresser, and it was raining, what better excuse to snuggle under the blankets and rejuvenate myself a little. Yup, another one of those Saturdays where I get some "me-time".

So because I had this nap, I was able to stay up this late. Walking back at this hour was quite refreshing too. But I still can't believe that it was so cold outside, probably less than 15 degrees. Spring unfortunately didn't feel like spring. It came late, and summer would be just around the corner, and just before that is the transitional rainy season.

But ya, there's just something about staying up at this hour, after walking back on a breezy spring night, listening to Michael Buble and having a hot shower just before sleeping. Maybe this is what mellowing feels like!

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