Friday, February 27, 2009

東京での珍しい雪だ!rare sno in tokyo

Oh my Oh my Oh my! It's snowing!!! In Tokyo!!!

This is so beautiful. No doubt it's teeny weeny bits of snow which melts to the ground. It's. still. snow!

February has always been a bitterly cold month with nothing much to look forward to. Usually people have something to hope for in March - spring in April. But February? Maybe my birthday :D

But anyways. I got a call this morning by a long-lost-friend-reunited-again who knew I had missed the snow in Niigata. Jumping out of bed, I slid open the window next to my bed and started squealing in delight looking at the bits of snow falling from the sky.

I tried to capture them on camera, but there were too teeny weeny. :/ They don't even stay as snow, turning into water immediately. Maybe I'd have to wait a bit more.

Coming from a tropical country, and having experienced a very snowless winter in Tokyo for the past 2 years, seeing (and feeling) snow is just magical. The only reason why winter is bearable is the snow (Skiing and snowboarding too). Even if it dips below zero, SNOW what? :)

I will never forget the time when my senpai* called me one night in my first winter in Niigata, telling me to look out the window. The next morning there was already a pile of snow on the ground, as high as 5cm.

I was told that the year before, the snowfall was so much it reached at least 3m high! You had to literally drive through a tunnel of snow to go places. At night, lights bouncing off carlights would lit up the surrounding, making it seem almost like day instead. How magical is that?

This is so exciting I feel like going outdoors and dancing in my PJs under the falling snow!

* senpai 先輩 【せんぱい】 (n) senior (at work or school); superior; elder; older graduate; progenitor; old-timer;

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