Sunday, February 01, 2009

prickly additions

Living in claustrophobic Tokyo means space is at a premium. Having a garden is a luxury, having a plot of land to tend plants is even rarer.

Coming from suburban Subang Jaya, I kinda missed the little garden we have in front of our house. I must admit I never gave much care to those plants that were there, but have come to appreciate greenery much more when I came to Tokyo.

So when I saw some pots of cacti at sale at the Ikea here, I did not hesitate to get a trio for myself. I thought the combination was varied enough in terms of shape, colour and texture.

I have something which looks like a balcony just outside my window. It only looks like a balcony because it is a set of metal railings curved to look like one, and is attached directly to the window. If I could put those cacti outside there, I would. But I feared that it would be too precarious a position.

So I put my new plants in the toilet in my room instead, that was the other window that had sunlight coming through. I think they go really well with the interior decor and gives the place a refreshing look.

Is is true that looking at green objects such as plants help with tired eyes and frazzled nerves.

For someone as lazy as me, having cactus as plants is the best ever - I don't have to worry about not watering them when I'm busy, entertaining my fans hanging out with friends or away on holidays. And they don't bite!

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