Thursday, August 27, 2009

a bed by any other name

I don't know if they're two different things when I say I love my sleep, and that I can sleep anywhere. Or perhaps it is because I love to sleep, it's fairly easy for me to sleep anywhere.

Our first host in Rome laid out for us a comfortable inflatable mattress in blue in his kitchen. When I first found out about it before leaving for Europe, I was imagining us brushing teeth, eating and cooking from our bed. That would be very convenient, we wouldn't need to leave our bed very much.

It turned out that the mattress took up all the walking space in the kitchen we had to move it out of the kitchen every morning when we wake up. The funniest part was that Imm slept facing the oven while I was just below the sink.

Our second host in Florence had a living room which was somewhat separated from the rest of the house in the sense that it had its own door and lock. This time we were literally couchsurfing, sleeping on couches, cushioned by thick blankets and throw pillows. Since I've always liked to nap on our family sofa, sleeping on someone else's couch was not that much different.

Not only was our Milan host the supernicest, we also had the best accommodation because we finally had our own beds in our own room. It was very nice to be able to spread out our things without having to worry that they would get mixed up with the hosts'!

Turned out since he and his housemates were gradually moving out of the house, there happened to be an empty room available for us. What blessing.

Since our Nice host was also planning to move out soon (either that or he actually lived like that), the apartment had everything everywhere. In fact, we almost could not distinguish between the living room and common area. I didn't mind taking up the sofa this time while Imm took the matress on the floor. That way, she had more space to move around.

However, since we were near the beach and the night sky filled with stars, she decided to use the sleeping bag to sleep outside on the balcony instead. I joined her for a bit, before realising it was too cold to continue sleeping like that (there was only one sleeping bag available).

The last host seemed to have the nicest looking apartment, and we had an Ikea-ish sofa bed for the night in Lyon. Since his studio was on the top floor, the sofa was strategically located just beneath the sunroof.

Even though there weren't stars that night, we woke up to natural sunlight and cloudy skies the next morning. Makes me wanna have something like that too when I grow up!

It was quite therapeutic looking up the clouds, we wanted to just lay down and do nothing but that.

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