Sunday, April 25, 2010

water woes

My house is ageing! This morning, no thanks to my granma's maid who ain't exactly the most delicate person you'd meet, the connection to the water pipe outside burst. We had to switch off the main water supply to the house until someone could come fix it.

I had to rearrange 2 appointments because I was stuck at home almost the whole day. The guy who was supposed to come did not show up!

In the end we somehow got a family friend to come fix it for us, and we finally had water coming in.

So we settled down for late dinner, thinking our water woes were over.

Just before midnight, sounds of water gushing could be heard from upstairs. I didn't remember leaving the tap on, and definitely no one would be bathing with the door open.

To my horror, I saw that the water was coming down from the water tank in the roof into my bathroom! My parents and I tried to find the right tap to switch it off, because apparently there's a particular tap that could fix the problem if the tank float becomes faulty.

In the end, we had to switch off one of the supply from the outside. And now we're left with uneven water supply into the house.

So we started the day with no water, and now we have too much water o.O

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