Friday, July 09, 2010

pearl of the orient

I'm almost all packed up and ready to board my first domestic flight in almost 20 years! If I remember correctly, I've only taken one domestic all my life, and that was while we were living in Kelantan.

Together with my undergrad grrlfriends, we will be flying off to Penang island up north. Though my principle has been never to visit a place twice, whatmore since I was just there last year, I don't really mind since this is my first actual break since I started working back home.

So naturally I'm looking forward to this weekend trip, especially since Sookie has come up with an ambitious itinerary which includes all day eating and sightseeing. We hope to be able to receive good news about Siowlan's delivery anytime soon. I did suggest that Anthony put up webcam so that we can witness the big day together long distance, but Laiying said the grrls would be put off from giving birth!

I hope to come back with a tan and pictures to share, now that I have a new toy ;)


feichai said...

So which new "toy" make/model did u get?

§nóflèk said...

Lemme just post up pictures, I think you're smart enough to guess ;) BTW are you still interested in that toy I mentioned some time back?