Thursday, July 29, 2010

no turning back?

So I've finally done it. This wasn't exactly my first time per se, but definitely my maiden attempt at doing it out of my own will.

I've been thinking for some time; not very long given that I shouldn't drag the issue but still want to be able to decide without being pressured.

Some people I've spoken to (actually just one) didn't think it was a big deal, and even called me virgin for my lack of experience. So I tried not to think too much about it and just get down to writing that email.

As I tried to google for some guidance, I thought some people must've done it so often they don't let emotions get in the way. For me, I wanted to do it right, and yet be diplomatic about it.

Within minutes I managed to find some samples that I could use. I know, I should be more original, but like I said I've never done this before. So like what any other graduate would have done before, I copied the bits that seemed right and modified to suit the purpose.

It wasn't very long, because things like these should be kept short and simple. No misunderstanding, no miscommunication - just straight to the point.

I looked at it a few times even though there wasn't much to look. Left it while I went away to make some tea. Came back, it still looked the same. Decided to just send off the email, still wondering if it was the right thing to do. Quickly logged off in case he decided to read it and reply immediately.

I will only check my email tomorrow. But at least it's Friday, and I hope if it turns to something unexpected, I will have the weekend to gather my thoughts and think of the next step!


Thomas Hoo said...

quitting your job?

ee said...

i forgot to say, it must always be in hard copy and signed :P soft copy ie email not allowed!

classyadele said...

Good on u, Sarah. I've recently gone through some shit myself w 'upper mgmt', and really sometimes we have to stand up for our principles and beliefs, even if makes the other party look bad. But then again, shouldn't they look bad if they have 'wronged' you in the past? U know what I mean? Things shouldn't be swept under the carpet just like that.

As long as what you've done represents your true perspective on things, I believe you're sorted.

U'll prolly feel a bit disoriented for a while, but hopefully, as time passes by - you'll feel better about what you did and the rest of the affected parties - well, they'll just have to GET OVER IT. :)

And I agree with ee - u have to have a hardcopy posted. The email can be treated as a memo :)


§nóflèk said...

i actually checked with my agency, and she said since i had already scanned the signed copy, they only needed to print it out, so i didn't have to send it. *shrugs*

thanks for your support babes! it really helps to know that i'm not alone here, and (almost always) on hindsight that such things are necessary for character building. i hope to be able to share a bit more once everything has settled :)