Monday, November 15, 2010

charity with joshua sasaki

After our little contribution to the Cancerlink Foundation, I thought we wouldn't bump into our newfound Japanese friends after that.

So it was quite a pleasant surprise to hear from them again, this time we were invited to help out in an initiative organised by the Japan Chapel. The charitable event would be graced by a yakuza-turned-gospel singer, Joshua Sasaki.

Even with the little manpower they had, they managed to turn a mere idea to a successful dinner which was well enjoyed by many.

From what I heard, the initial stages of planning were so messy they kept changing their plans and the PICs for each task. Just a few days before the event, we got confirmation to help out at the reception since they would be expecting Japanese and non-Japanese alike to be there.

It was very encouraging to see underprivileged adults and children streaming in, some with their helpers, guardians and chaperones. They made up the majority of the audience that evening.

As a token of their appreciation, each group went up to perform and showed us that they have a part to play in society too. You could see they really put in effort to put on a good show, and didn't let their imperfections mar the performance.

The highlight of the night were songs sung by Sasaki-san, his pastor friend, and then accompanied by the visually-challenged group from Agape Services for the Blind. The lady sitting next to me was so enamored by Joshua Sasaki that I think her claps and cheers could've drown that of our table combined!

Even though I didn't do much, it was very humbling to be there to support the effort. They really showed us that despite their imperfections, these special guests are still able to lead an almost-normal life and contribute to society too.

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