Saturday, November 06, 2010

uniqlo lands in kuala lumpur!

When I heard that my favourite Japanese brand would be setting up stores in KL, I greeted the news with mixed feelings. I didn't know whether to rejoice or be despaired.

The official launch of Uniqlo was on 4th Nov, and the fan in me actually applied for half day leave thinking I would be able to do a sneak preview of their offerings then dash back to work. But of course, there were matters to attend to and I had to let go of the opportunity to gloat about being the first few in line :D

So yesterday noon I made my way to Bukit Bintang, hoping the line would have lessened somewhat. There was a queue snaking from the inside of Fahrenheit 88 out to the open with barricades and guards, but still manageable.

Still, Uniqlo was everywhere, even on this bus just outside the store!

Even those who didn't know what Uniqlo was lined up thinking it must be something big. The kiasu-ism spirit was alive and well and people certainly didn't want to be left out, nevermind that they have never heard of this brand before.

Uniqlo's like comfort food. Here was a brand that prided in affordable quality, not only having stamped its success back home in Japan but also slowly making its way across the globe.

I'm a big fan of Uniqlo having owned all sorts of pieces from all seasons during my stay in Japan. One of my first clothings when I was a student in Niigata was from Uniqlo, and I have continued to buy Uniqlo even while in Tokyo as a working salaryman.

True to their catchphrase "Made for All", their pieces cater to all ages, all purpose and now, all people out of Japan. So to see what I thought was something unique (btw, Uniqlo = unique clothing) being "shared" with everyone made me quite sad because now everyone in KL would own a piece of Uniqlo, making it less unique!

Some people say I have less reason to visit Japan since Uniqlo is here, but I say it gives me more reason to get non-KL pieces so that mine is still special :D 


Yap! It's 3088.. said...
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Yap! It's 3088.. said...

Whenever I pass by a Uniqlo in London, i always think of us - Syakir, you and i. Japan days;)

I got Uniqlo for my running friends when I left Japan. You're right,now it's not special anymore! Well, at least they know they were the first few to own a pair before the rest.

Luckily Tokyo Banana and Goma Tamago are not in KL yet hor? haha. Take care Sarah-san!

licheng said...

one of my favourite stores in japan too. affordable and comfy :)

§nóflèk said...

aruden : hehe it sounded like a family with syakir the taikor bringing us kids around. awesome days, then :) i remember we would cycle from our takadaiso apaato downhill for our weekly groceries and shopping treats with konan-san.

hmm goma tamago - have seen it around, but didn't know they're as famous as tokyo banana lol!

licheng : yupyup, always something for everyone for any season eh? think they have some stores in US too?