Wednesday, April 06, 2011

buble for birthday p2

I feel a bit bad for posting so many happy posts but it was my birthday month in March, and I'm trying not to make the same mistake of not crediting everyone who took the effort to make my day a really special one.

It started drizzling when we arrived, so we had to quickly get some food into the stadium. Unfortunately we were banned from bringing them in.

I specifically asked the vendors outside if we could have the food inside, and they confidently told me we could. So it was to our surprise that we had to gulp down the food before going in. A lot of other people seemed to have been misinformed too! (Minus points for the organiser)

Since we came early, we practically had the whole place to ourselves. The stage was awash in a glimmering bluish purple hue.

Sarimah was the MC for the night. Even if I couldn't see her on stage, I could recognise her laughter from years back from another event lol!

Opening act by Najwa. I must say I wish I had known about her earlier! Blessed with powerful vocals she could've easily been mistaken as another black singer. She oozed soul in her first piece "Got To Go".

Having warmed up to a jazzy evening, the curtains closed again. Buble's initials flashed across the stage, with Olympic-like halos surrounded it. I don't know why but Mickey Mouse came to mind >.<

Everyone (especially the grrls) went wild when he appeared. The crowd was ecstatic! He brought along a compact ensemble of musicians which were highlighted in various parts of his songs.

I like how the projectors not only enhanced the entertainment value with its high quality graphics, but were mobile enough to form 5 separate panels or other combinations to suit the mood.

After a few round of songs, Buble came down the stage to interact with his fans. Thought he'd remain at the privileged front rows. So when the spotlight followed him, it was with great delight that he walked to the back.

We were one category below the most expensive ones, and were at the last row of seats. I got close enough to capture this, but not to shake his hands though >.< Too shy!

His crew had prepared a makeshift stage just behind us, which he went up to continue singing. Being very obliging, he would shake hands and acknowledge the adoring fans around him.

Those who were at the upper deck went wild when he turned to them, singing as if they were the only ones in front of him. The spotlight was just directly in front of us, and now I understand why performers can sweat so easily!

Down came the confetti from the ceiling. Silver bits that rained on us that when I tried to capture it became a blurry shot instead. And that was supposed to be the finale.

So Buble left the stage, at which point the audience shouted "Encore! Encore! Encore!". He came back a few minutes later to entertain us with one last song and a message to his fans that he would be back, only if they would improve on the air-conditioning!

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