Saturday, April 23, 2011


It's been some time since I really had some "me-time". Just wanted to have a whole day to myself where I don't have any obligations to meet, appointments to go for, activities to do, and most of all a specific schedule to follow.

Just me doing really mundane daily stuff. Those that I wish I could do over the week, but somehow never got the chance to because I'm tired after a long day at work, or going out during the weekend.

So now my bed is filled with all the things that remind me I have to update my finances, file my income tax, read certain books/comics, wrap presents, send a letter to a friend, tidy my receipts, and the list goes on. Nothing particularly exciting, except for the gifts.

Maybe it's a good thing I have a queen-size bed. Many will be surprised to know that I don't have a bed, but rather the mattress lies on the floor.

When we first moved in to this house, I did want a bed. But when it arrived, it made my already small room looked even smaller! So I gave my parents the bed instead.

People think I got inspired after living in Japan and wanted to sleep on the floor. But this works for me since I don't have to contend with dust that would have gathered under a bed, plus I use my bed like a seat sometimes and do a lot of stuff on it.

So much so I don't know if I should even call it a bed or mattress. It's basically where I chill out and have my "me-time" :)

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