Friday, July 01, 2011

windy city p4

since i never had the chance to do non-work stuff, i decided to skip the drinks that everyone else was going for and spent some me-time.

feeling a bit better and having gotten a refreshing nap, here are some stories i've been wanting to tell since i landed.

first, a shot i took in the SFO-ORD flight. first time i'm surrounded by big americans. it's very different for me because even when i was in australia, it didn't feel like i had left asia!

after the luggage incident, and being cramped in an old plane, i appreciate asian airlines even more. also, asian air stewardess who work very hard, or at least they make the effort, to serve their customers.

while i understand the equality policy that does not discriminate against certain age group and gender, i honestly think american stewardesses have it much easier than their asian counterparts.

on my almost 4 hour flight, all i got was a cup of orange juice. and i had to ask for it myself.

the stewardess just walked out from the back with a tray of juices, but never said a word. whoever wanted one had to put up their hand and ask for it. nothing like "ma'am, what would you like to have?" or even if options were not part of the flight ticket, something as basic as "orange juice, anyone?" would suffice.

after that one brief round of her silently walking down the aisle too cramped for the average american, she just went to the back of the plane and read newspapers.

those who know i have to eat every 4 hours will know that i was feeling quite uncomfortable, especially after 2 transits on a long journey across the pacific ocean. even if they wanted me to pay for some cookies, i would have gladly done so, but there was no such thing.

i'm not sure if their international flights are any better, but this plane was old, had monitors on the ceiling of the aisle, and for someone as petite as me, really cramped seats. i don't know how the americans travel like this if they're double my size!

what a nightmare - and a terrible way to end the journey to what could have been an adventure that i would have been proud to share.


Crowned Fish said...

All I have to say is, welcome to the USA, where you have to fight for everything, including your cup of juice. I think people in Asia are extremely spoiled with the personal entertainment and decent service. In the US, the service you get is only what you demand. And it's even debatable whether that is service.

Rich said...

hehe, nice comment...

anyway, don't fly american airlines whenever possible. Basically, service is terrible. I've been told that I expect too much (since I've gotten used to JAL, etc) but, still...the attitudes of the flight attendants generally stink.

Oh, and international is not any better.

Sorry you couldnt enjoy much of Chicagoland while you were was a nice place to grow up.

And...are we really so big??

Yap! It's 3088.. said...

you know, this strikes a chord with what i feel about flying with non-Asian airlines. Even though emirates is still a great airline, i feel there's something missing there. This is no wonder malaysia airlines is selling their MH slogan as malaysian hospitality. sounds really corny but i would say it's a product many can't claim to have.

classyadele said...

For the record, MAS is still shit. SIA is heaps better. I've flown with UA before, so I know what u mean, Sarah. LOL Arent u lucky u didnt have to try their budget airlines! HAHAHAHAHA...

§nóflèk said...

crowned fish6 : th6anks for th6e warm welcome :p it certainly is a different world out h6ere, i must say it'-s been quite an eye opener, a bit of culture sh6ock at first and some understanding5 wh6y americans are wh6o th6ey are!

rich6 : too bad you were not h6ere to bring5 me around. i really like ch6icag5o for its cleanliness compared to new york! and well, americans are larg5er th6an asians in g5eneral, so sometimes i feel a little tiny h6ere :D

yap : now we know wh6y asian airlines are usually voted better th6an th6eir european or western counterparts, larg5ely th6anks to th6e extra h6ospitality th6at comes with6 th6e packag5e. kudos to us th6en! :)

classyadele : would love to try SIA for all th6e comments i'-ve h6eard about th6em, but maybe wh6en i can afford it one day :) i th6ink i'-m too traumatised to come to th6is continent anymore :p