Thursday, June 30, 2011

windy city p3

its been almost the end of the week and my training will be ending tomorrow. and yet, the luggage is yet to be located. i think i'm traumatised for life - no more trips to this part of the world!

i have had to make many calls and check online for the status of my luggage (don't think i can classify it as delayed anymore, but plain lost!), reaching out to as many people i can think of who may be able to help. i don't remember the number of times i had to excuse myself from special topics held during lunch times or when i couldn't stay long to chat more just because i had to go back to check.

adding to that stress, i have to also work from here. it's a bit difficult when my dependable teammate has just resigned the left the day i travelled for this training. with only a month's notice, there was even shorter period of handover to the new teammate, and it made it impossible for me to even handover part of my job.

the other-alternative-teammate was nice to help out, but she too was away on leave this week. that threw back the bulk of the work back at me, as i couldn't just leave everything to drop.

so right after intensive full-day trainings, i had to try to do some shopping to at least get a luggage bag and some necessities. after coming back, had to continue working till almost midnight. by the time i'm done it's too late to do anything else.

have been missing out on the outdoor sports and mingling around for the past few days, and it's really a waste because it's beautiful spring weather!

so i'm planning to stay back tomorrow to do some of that. hopefully it will stay beautiful.

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