Wednesday, September 21, 2011

the american cheque

So a mail arrived from my cousin whom I had bunked in with in Chicago. It contained 2 items, a cheque and letter from American Airlines.

You would think I'd be ecstatic they finally responded with some form of compensation after all the anguish and trouble I went through with the luggage incident.

I just took a few look and set it aside, cynical if I would even be able to cash it.

Either that, or I've become numbed with exhaustion from past months' events and don't know how to feel properly.

Help! I think I've become used to expecting negativity that I've lost the ability to be glad for some good news.


Crowned Fish said...

Hey you actually got something back! You ought to be impressed with AA. :) Seriously, the last time something similar happened to me, I had to call them literally every week and demand some form of compensation. At one point I threatened to file a law suit.

Yap! It's 3088.. said...


neil said...

Cheer up! Wanna go catch a musical/concert? =)

Anonymous said...

257 only??


§nóflèk said...

Crowned Fish : I'm actually a bit happy when the mail came with the cheque, coz to be honest I almost gave up from hearing from them ever. Even while I was in the States, I had to make calls every single day just to remind them I have yet to receive my luggage, and hopefully they could give me some form of compensation while I was there!

Yap : :) hopefully the cheque goes through

neil : yes, let's do that. i think i'm in dire need of a life out of work. :p and also we need to catch up!

lala : i can write a million things about my frustration and the anxiety i went through, but i'd like to be thankful that at least it's still something.

LY Leong said...

Enough to buy a Stomp ticket ;)

sarah said...

Ly Leong : you going?? :p