Sunday, October 02, 2011

the intern

Butterfly had to say goodbye to the Intern who had to return to London to finish his studies. He had been a good help, more than what she had expected. Maybe because she didn't have much expectations to begin with, except that the team's load would be better balanced with him in it.

When Butterfly tried to request for a replacement (intern), the Top People told her not to expect anything like the Intern. He was "unique", they said.

Butterfly had to agree. She had prior experiences with a few other interns from The Slick Side, and couldn't help but agree that he was unique.

All Butterfly had to do was just give a single sentence of request, and he would be able to comprehend and digest it almost immediately, and come back with exactly (and sometimes more) than what she had requested. In fact, the Intern had brains of his own, so was able to provide input that was constructive to whatever requests or discussion that were at hand.

Perhaps it was the fact that he had good upbringing, or the fact that he was analytical and intelligent enough for the tasks asked of him. Or perhaps his humility and initiative to learn endeared him to many.

Whatever it was, everyone who worked with the Intern had positive things to say.  Even though he had not yet graduated, but The Slick Side (not the Company that hired him) were prepared to engage him even when he's back in London studying.

As Butterfly flew home that evening after a week (that felt very long) at work without the Intern, she felt grateful that he was around for a bit. She even wished there were more interns like him.

Butterfly started to wish she had been given opportunities such as presented to the Intern. But even if she were, would she be as competent and well-liked as the Intern? Would she have been able to face questions posed by The Slick Side as confident as he did?

This brought Butterfly to memories of her first job. Really, the circumstances were vastly different, and could not even be compared. All that remained in her memory of that first job was how laidback the working environment was, and how dumbed down she felt as she knew she was capable for more.

Indeed, sometimes Butterfly cannot control what environment she ends up in, or what opportunities come her way, but what  Butterfly can do is how she manages her reaction and her next steps. No one said life was fair, but Butterfly makes do and is thankful for what she has.

*Any resemblance to real-life characters is purely coincidental. Excerpts from this story may be reproduced by acknowledging the writer.

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John-Aidan said...

Butterflies have relatively shorter lives compared to bees. Besides, there are always other butterflies with wings seemingly brighter, more radiant and colorful and yet with the exact same thoughts as most of us would in your situation, Butterfly. Still they would vie as much attention as they can, striving their way to be the 'best of all' while burning up all their internal and external resources only to die knowing exactly how fast they died. Ever head of butterfly migrations and how by the end of it all of them are dead?

He is, Butterfly, a bee among butterflies. Bees always leave their mark, and their fruits are always sweet. They are prudent and industrious, knowing exactly what their capabilities and roles are. They carry a sting and they know how and when to use it; they are not as eager for a quick death, but should it be at the cost of protecting the group as a whole he would sacrifice his life. Yet, bees and butterflies have nothing in common; are you who you think your name is?

Butterflies work in gardens; bees in combs where the garden is the harvest field.