Wednesday, February 29, 2012


Finally found the name of the bird which have made its residence in our backyard! The Olive-backed Sunbird is a species of sunbirds commonly found in Southern Asia and Australia.

Also known as the Yellow-bellied Sunbird, I found it fascinating to learn that it is the female that works to build the nest while the male "supervises".

Even found a video to back this up! The female has a relatively dull colour (though still bright yellow) compared to the male which sports a dark metallic blue-black upper breast.

It's almost like a hummingbird in its size and the way it flaps its wings.

I understood a bit better why they chose the shaded are of a residential area as we, humans, or rather our presence are supposedly able to scare off their natural predators.

I find it quite a delight to have something so cute and alive so nearby. Since we haven't had pets before, I've been looking forward to seeing the progress of the birds and their little ones. So it's been a treat that there are days I get to work from home - this is what I get to hear every morning.

Giving credit to the original owners of the videos above since I don't have a videocam and tripod to capture these - Thanks! :) P/s : I did try to post a note on the youtube links, but there were some errors... :(

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