Sunday, March 25, 2012

yellow-bellied returns?

My dad was telling me he saw some birds hovering around the nest.

I was about to take it down to deconstruct it, or maybe to put it on a weighing machine just to see what sort of featherweight nest could hold up to 3 yellow-bellied sunbirds at any one time. After all, it was going to end up being a sad reminder (and rather useless ornament) left hanging on the clothesline.

I didn't think much of it, except that perhaps there could be other birds which might have taken a fancy to the nest. Some might even regard it as free accommodation.

Just the other night, in the evening, I noticed that was indeed a yellow-bellied sunbird sleeping in the nest! I really couldn't believe my eyes. Surely this cannot be the same mummy sunbird, nor even either of the babies that were just beginning to fly a few weeks ago.

Since I'm no bird fan, I couldn't tell the difference. I guess, it's like how some Westerners would label us Orientals as "Chinese", or "Japanese" or "Korean", just as a broad term. Vice versa for us to tell an Ivorian from a Kenyan or even a Black American, just by looks.

This time I made sure I wasn't going to miss out on some of the things that escaped my observation the first round. True enough, there were already 2 tiny eggs in the nest. Birds sure have it easy, don't they - just a few days and plop, 2 eggs come out, just like that!

Will definitely try to find a way to take a picture of eggs with diameter as small as my pinky fingernail, or at least some shots that would be different from the ones that have been posted. >.<

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