Sunday, September 23, 2012

welcome at chaki

The 2nd welcome party was together with Hinakura-san, who joined the team from another within the same department.

So happened that day was just the day before the summer holidays began. I was surprised to find most of my colleagues cleaning their desks, throwing away rubbish, as if they were going on a long holiday.

Before we called it a day, the IT head gave a speech, thanking everyone for their good work all these while. He also announced recent department movements. So I had to say a short speech, in English of course. I wondered how many of them understood what I had just said!

Then we had drinks and snacks courtesy of the department. I wonder if they do this before the winter break too.

Moving on to food! We had dinner at Chaki, an izakaya near the Sannomiya station. Appetiser was salad in seaweed in thousand island dressing.

Main dish was very well presented. Too pretty to eat. It's so fresh that even the uni (sea urchin) tasted so good. I'd normally shy away because of its texture, in fact it's not for everyone. But I helped myself to several servings.

Some of my colleague at the other table in the background. Like many eateries in Japan, this was a tiny place no bigger than 20m3 but served fantastic food. 

With one of the team managers and the IT head. When Honma-san heard I was planning to buy a bike, he offered to give me one. I'll show the picture of my new toy later :)

Just when I thought sashimi was all we were going to have (which is just nice actually!), there came a grilled fish. Simply grilled, served with grated radish with a dash of salt and lemon. My stomach is making noise again.

Some can opt to sit at the bar top and watch the chef in action. One wonders how little eateries can survive serving just 30 people or less when the kitchen takes up almost the same amount of space as the seats for customers!

We had a 3rd welcome party when my supervisor finally came back from his travels, but the setting was not too conducive for taking pictures. It was katsu kotsu - deep fried food on sticks. Similar to satay-style, but has crispy texture.

It sure felt good to have so many welcome parties (though not all are really just for me!), at least my meals are taken care of :) And now I know where to bring any of you if you drop by.

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