Monday, November 19, 2012

japan indeed p2

Continuing on my wanderings around town, I saw this toilet deodorant seal which comes in various patterns. Thought the butterfly was cute, but a bit strange to paste stickers on the toilet.

Still, I guess for a country that has almost everything, they have the creativity to come up with such items that are not really necessity, but added to make life more comfortable and liveable. Just like the toilet seat warmer!

I noticed this time around there were not many seasonal Kit Kats, so I was quite delighted to find a Halloween-themed Kit Kat. Personally, I'm not into the festivities, and it can be quite a big thing over here in Japan, but I'm into collecting Kit Kat experiences.

Apparently this follows the theme of costume or, pretending to be another character, which is part of the Halloween festivities. The filling is pumpkin pudding flavoured, while the outer coating is supposed to be white chocolate but, "pretending" to be the "devil", it is dark chocolate instead.

Now not only do we have various fluffy bath mat that comes in microfibre materials that dry quickly, there is now those that imitates animal fur. Deer, lion and sheep are just some of the texture that can be enjoyed when you purchase these bath mats.

Guess it's better than getting real fur just to have it stomped by your feet on the floor!

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