Wednesday, November 21, 2012

low ldl?

I was scheduled to go for the mandatory health check when I first joined the company. But with all the work and travel, only managed to do it few weeks back.

Was expecting a traditional hospital with whitewash walls in stark lighting. To my surprise (didn't manage to take pics!), it was more like a private hospital with very comfortable ambience - carpet floors, dim lighting and dark wood furnishings. The health screening centre felt so cozy I wish my apartment was like that too!

I was quite happy with the health checkup I signed up for in MJ Life, as they automate and digitalise the screenings, making it almost a breeze to do your screening. However, the Kobe Kenshin Clinic tops it up a notch.

My x-ray was over in seconds, no need to wear the protective vest and don't even need to close the door, just a curtain. The measurement for height and weight had automatic sensors that no manual intervention is needed. For blood pressure measurement, I just had to slip my hand through a tunnel-like device, and the protective covering will expand to squeeze around the arm to get the right reading.

They even have blankets and shawls placed around the clinic available for anyone to use. For some reason, I noticed there were only ladies on that day, so I thought that was a nice gesture to ensure privacy.

I just got my blood and urine results back through mail. Other than the slightly low LDL figure, everything else seems normal. Guess it is consistent with the doctor's analysis that day - I'm a healthy individual! Well, of course this is quite a basic health checkup, I still have to maintain my eating habits and keep a balanced lifestyle.


Leo Koo said...

Hey Sarah! Just want you to know someone's reading your blog =)

leokoo said...

Yo! =) Just dropping by Sarah! Apa khabar?

§nóflèk said...

hey hey leo! thanks for dropping by! i'm doing good, it's getting cooler this days, we just escaped a typhoon over the weekend thank God :)